P7 Season 9 Week 2 - pl_vigil_rc7

Match Date
04/26/2021 09:30 PM EDT
Default Date
04/26/2021 09:30 PM EDT

Home 3.00
Away 0.00

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Last Comment:
 04/17/2021 07:36 PM EDT
Welcome to RGLs 9th Prolander Season. The map played in round one will be pl_vigil_rc7. The config you will want to use for your match will be " rgl_7s_stopwatch.cfg ". This match will be played in a best of three, so the first team to win two full halves will win the match. A half consists of attacking (blue) and defending (red).

If you have any questions please reach out to the admin staff by creating a ticket in the official discord.

Please remember that every match server is required to have the Uber Saving medic plugin & the latest configs, it is both team's responsibility to make sure the server you play on has the latest configs and plugins in order to avoid issues. Serveme and Qixalite always have the latest configs and plugins.

Lastly, please make sure you inform the enemy team of all ringers you plan to use either through match comms or in a direct message. Refer to the ringer sections here for more information.

Don't forget to record your POV demos! For the first offense, it's only a warning but during playoffs you will be suspended for not submitting your POV demos.

Good luck and have fun, if you have any questions please feel free to create a ticket in the RGL Discord!

scouty - pootistootisESPORTS
 04/26/2021 08:36 PM EDT

BBL - Shawty Comp Format
 04/26/2021 09:20 PM EDT

BBL - Shawty Comp Format
 04/26/2021 09:55 PM EDT
ringing on demo, sorry for not sending this here earlier https://rgl.gg/Public/PlayerProfile.aspx?p=76561198114909914

scouty Auto Generated - pootistootisESPORTS
 04/26/2021 10:17 PM EDT
Match score submitted.
Final score
pootistootisESPORTS: 3.0
Shawty Comp Format: 0.0

Map Results
pootistootisESPORTS: 2
Shawty Comp Format: 0