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Sixes S5 Playoffs Round 4

Match Date
04/23/2021 09:30 PM EDT
Default Date
04/21/2021 09:30 PM EDT

Away 2

Match Comms


Crasian Admin
 04/16/2021 11:40 PM EDT
As this match is a playoffs match it will be played best of three maps. Map selection will be done in match comms by the pick/ban process outlined below. After playing your match, please alert a division admin if your match page does not display the correct maps.

the Shark Tank will choose to be team A or team B. Map pick bans will be done in match comms. The bans must be completed 36 hours before the match. All maps are played in full.

The pick/ban format is as follows-
A Bans | B Bans | A Picks | B Picks | A Bans | B Bans | A Picks and list maps

After A picks the last map, please list the 3 maps in the order played in match comms

Available maps are:


shark - the Shark Tank
 04/17/2021 02:09 AM EDT
the Shark Tank will be Team A

first map ban will be Gullywash

Sale_boat - Swag
 04/17/2021 07:56 PM EDT
we ban product

Sale_boat Auto Generated - Swag
 04/17/2021 08:01 PM EDT
Proposed a match date of Friday, April 23rd, 2021 09:30 PM EDT

The opposing team has 24 hours to respond using the "Schedule Match" tab in this match page. Failure to do so will auto-accept this match time.

shark - the Shark Tank
 04/18/2021 12:24 AM EDT
a few of our players are usually booked with HL Fr/Sa/Su; is there any way to do the match Thursday perhaps?

shark - the Shark Tank
 04/18/2021 12:25 AM EDT
or a different time Wednesday?

shark Auto Generated - the Shark Tank
 04/18/2021 05:00 PM EDT
Accepted match date of Friday, April 23rd, 2021 09:30 PM EDT

shark - the Shark Tank
 04/18/2021 09:40 PM EDT
map 1 will be Sunshine

Sale_boat - Swag
 04/18/2021 10:29 PM EDT
both wednesday and thursday we would need to start at 11:30 and for est people that wont work

Sale_boat - Swag
 04/18/2021 10:29 PM EDT
could they miss a highlander scrim

shark - the Shark Tank
 04/19/2021 12:26 AM EDT
already accepted the date; you guys are up for your map pick

Sale_boat - Swag
 04/19/2021 08:45 AM EDT
We pick process

Sale_boat - Swag
 04/19/2021 11:15 AM EDT

shark - the Shark Tank
 04/19/2021 06:43 PM EDT

Sale_boat - Swag
 04/20/2021 01:05 AM EDT

shark - the Shark Tank
 04/20/2021 07:08 PM EDT
we ban Villa

Sale_boat - Swag
 04/20/2021 11:58 PM EDT
we ban metalworks

shark - the Shark Tank
 04/21/2021 09:09 PM EDT
Clearcut will be map III

shark - the Shark Tank
 04/21/2021 09:10 PM EDT
Map I - cp_sunshine
Map II - cp_process_f7
Map III - koth_clearcut_b15d

Sale_boat Auto Generated - Swag
 04/23/2021 11:33 PM EDT
Match score submitted.
Final score
the Shark Tank: 0.50
Swag: 2.50

Map Results
the Shark Tank: 1
Swag: 5

the Shark Tank: 3
Swag: 5

shark - the Shark Tank
 04/23/2021 11:34 PM EDT
https://logs.tf/2903254 - Combined Log for Map I
https://logs.tf/2903255 - Combined Log for Map II

gg wp

Sale_boat - Swag
 04/23/2021 11:40 PM EDT