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Sixes S4 Week 6 - cp_metalworks

Match Date
10/28/2020 10:00 PM EDT
Default Date
10/28/2020 09:30 PM EDT

Home 0
Away 2

Match Comms


 10/25/2020 04:39 PM EDT
This week you will be playing cp_metalworks. This is a 5cp map meaning we will be using the 5cp ruleset.
In the first half use the config rgl_6s_5cp_match_half1.cfg

In the second half use the config rgl_6s_5cp_match_half2.cfg

If it is tied after two halves, use the golden cap config: rgl_6s_5cp_gc.cfg

Configuration files are executed through the command: rcon exec filenamehere

It is the responsibility of BOTH teams to make sure that the correct configs have been setup correctly. If you have further questions or need a server to play on. Please contact your division admin on discord. If you need help setting up a server, check out this very simple and easy to follow guide.

ATONE - Merc Mode
 10/28/2020 09:24 PM EDT

ATONE - Merc Mode
 10/28/2020 09:29 PM EDT
Nevermind just look at profile looking for new one

finman - wezeer
 10/28/2020 09:42 PM EDT
It's a no for that ringer

finman Auto Generated - wezeer
 10/28/2020 09:49 PM EDT
Proposed a match date of Wednesday, October 28th, 2020 10:00 PM EDT

The opposing team has 24 hours to respond using the "Schedule Match" tab in this match page. Failure to do so will auto-accept this match time.

rannks Auto Generated - Merc Mode
 10/28/2020 09:52 PM EDT
Accepted match date of Wednesday, October 28th, 2020 10:00 PM EDT

finman - wezeer
 10/28/2020 09:52 PM EDT

This is our ringer, tell us whether you accept or deny

ATONE - Merc Mode
 10/28/2020 09:53 PM EDT

finman - wezeer
 10/28/2020 09:54 PM EDT
nfo-chicago-2.serveme.tf:27015; password gayhyunpae Info

rannks - Merc Mode
 10/28/2020 09:54 PM EDT
Denied that ringer due to being IM

finman - wezeer
 10/28/2020 09:56 PM EDT
That ringer has multiple seasons of experience, we deny

https://rgl.gg/Public/PlayerProfile.aspx?p=76561198866733988 This is our other ringer

rannks - Merc Mode
 10/28/2020 10:09 PM EDT

finman - wezeer
 10/28/2020 10:12 PM EDT
That person also has multiple seasons of experience, but we'll accept

https://rgl.gg/Public/PlayerProfile.aspx?p=76561198925518617&r=40 Here is ours

finman - wezeer
 10/28/2020 10:25 PM EDT
They win via our team forfeiting

rannks - Merc Mode
 10/28/2020 10:25 PM EDT
Enemy team leader made it clear in chat that they'll forfeit. https://imgur.com/PWrZhGz

ATONE Auto Generated - Merc Mode
 11/03/2020 10:13 AM EST
Match score submitted.
Final score
wezeer: 0.0
Merc Mode: 3.0

Map Results
wezeer: 0
Merc Mode: 2