4v4 PASS TIME Cup: Updates and Clarifications

   Garbo   - 8/10/2023
There are a couple of changes going into the cup this weekend that need to be addressed. These changes are in regards to new map versions and new configs for PASS TIME. On top of that, we would like to clarify what the structure of the playoffs will be for every division and how we would schedule your matches.


A new update to Stonework was pushed by the map creator exer recently. The new version removes the health pools inside both spawns, and features some cosmetic improvements.
Download the latest version here --> pass_stonework_a22

Download pass_arena2_b7 here
Download pass_stadium_b30 here

Official RGL 4v4 PASS Time Configs and Whitelist

There are now official configs and whitelist uploaded to the RGL GitHub repo. These will be used for this cup, so please server owners, update your servers! The server rental service, na.serveme.tf, also has these same configs, so if you do not have a server to use, you can use na.serveme.tf.
The config used will be rgl_pt_push.cfg

Link to the configs, plugins and whitelist here

Playoffs Structure

Every division will be a 4-team double-elimination playoff structure; however, Div-1 will only include 4 teams. Due to that, teams in Div-1 will play each other again in Group Stage Round 4. The Group Staging phase will simply determine seeding. Grand Finals for all divisions will feature a bracket reset, if necessary.

Your match schedules will use Round Robin rules. No team in Div-2 and Div-3 will play each other more than once.

Good luck to all your matches! Schedules will be available soon.

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