Announcing The 4v4 PASS Time Cup!

   Garbo   - 7/29/2023

4v4 Passtime… TF2 Players Are Doing What With The Jack???

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Airshots, rocket-jumping, trimping, pipe-jumping, and all the stylish bombs you can imagine combine into an aggressive, fast-paced game mode called 4v4 PASS Time. There is little resemblance to the PASS Time you may have seen in casual: the only classes allowed are soldier, demoknight, and medic, with their battle occurring on smaller custom maps such as pass_arena2 and pass_stadium, which provide many avenues of skill-based movement. No stalemates, no hitscan, only a ferocious struggle to throw the jack into the other team’s goal in high-powered ways.

This cup will be played over the weekend August 12th - August 13th. Signups will open today July 29th and close on August 8th at 11:59 PM ET. In your matches, what you need to do to win a round is you must score five goals before the other team. The first team to win 3 rounds is the victor. Teams will be placed into one of three divisions based on the highest division they’ve played in our other formats.

Over 5 years an avid community has tailored a PASS Time ruleset and whitelist which encourages speed and skill over passive gameplay. The game mode has incredible depth, with advanced tactics such as insta-dets (rocket/pipe jumping off the jack), dribbles, self-bombs, hand-offs, and more. With aggressive gameplay, every shot requiring precise projectile aim, and maps designed to promote fast movement, every game is geared for greatness.

Pass, score, dominate: Rise as champions in the PASS Time arena this August!

Map Pool


Download Link Here

A classic with perfect flow, the first map for the game mode.


Download Link Here

A newer, equally fun, and beautiful map.


Download Link Here

Playoffs map only. A map with similar flow to Arena2, but with a stone twist.

Cup Schedule

NEW Team Sign-ups/Registration ends: August 8th at 11:59PM ET
Individual Player Team Joins to Existing Teams ends: August 8th at 11:59PM ET
  • Saturday, August 12th - Day 1
    • Group Stage Round 1: 14:00 ET - pass_arena2_b7
    • Group Stage Round 2: 15:00 ET - pass_stadium_b30
    • Group Stage Round 3: 16:00 ET - pass_arena2_b7
    • Group Stage Round 4: 17:00 ET - pass_stadium_b30

  • Sunday, August 13th - Day 2
    • Playoffs round 1: 14:00 ET- Best of 3
    • Playoffs round 2: 16:00 ET - Best of 3
    • Playoffs round 3 (Grand Finals + Third Place Match): 18:00 ET - Best of 3
    • Playoffs round 4 (Grand Finals top 4): 20:00 ET - Best of 3

If both teams are ready before the scheduled start time, matches are encouraged to be played early.

Depending on sign-ups, divs may be top 4 double elim instead of top 8.

There will not be a playoffs map selection. Instead, playoffs will follow this map order:
  • pass_arena2_b7
  • pass_stadium_b30
  • pass_stonework_a19

Other Info

Plugins (for servers):
Community/PUG Server: For PUGs, questions, comments, or concerns.
Dates: Cup will be played August 12th and August 13th. Signups open on 7/29 and will close on 8/8 at 11:59 PM ET.

For basic questions, view the tutorial or consult the FAQ below. For any other questions, please join the community Discord linked above and below and ask community leaders there!


Will there be any restrictions potentially placed on me and my team?

No. Since this gamemode is extremely unique compared to our usual formats like Sixes and Highlander, we will not be placing restrictions on teams. Instead, we will place teams based on the strength of the overall roster into one of three divisions specified above. To elaborate on why, it’s simply because DM does not have as large an impact on the game as other formats (partly due to 5 second respawn times) and instead it’s about scoring and preventing the other team from scoring.

Why is hitscan banned?

A single hitscan bullet can neutralize the ball, making it impossible to score. It also knocks the ball, allowing players to sit in passive positions and influence the objective massively with relatively little risk or skill involved. This, coupled with how easy it is to deal knockback to bombing soldiers and demomen with hitscan makes it a very powerful mechanic that is easier to use than hitting airshots on players and the ball with projectiles. As such, all hitscan is banned.

Why are 6 classes banned?

Most classes have hitscan weapons at their core, making some classes unplayable without hitscan (such as the heavy), and some classes’ unlock alternatives encourage lower-skilled, less aggressive, or simply unfun gameplay (Jarate, Sentries, Flying Guillotine), and some classes are just plain broken (pyro can easily influence the ball, engineer shuts down all offense). Through plenty of playtesting, the community has determined that Soldier, Demo, and Medic make for the most fun and rewarding gameplay.

Why are stickies banned?

Stickies would allow you to jump across the map with the jack in your hand with very little set-up, which would be an extremely overpowered way to score.

Why are there so many weapon bans?

Some weapons make the game easier (such as the Direct Hit, Loch n Load which make it easier to airshot and kill bombing soldiers and demos), while some weapons encourage passive gameplay or do not fit into the game mode (Banners, Persian Persuader), some weapons encourage or are exclusively used for throwing the game (Rocket/Sticky Jumper which prevent picking up the jack), and some weapons are so good they break the game (Loose Cannon, Vaccinator, Tide Turner). The current whitelist came about after years of playtesting and pugs to ensure fun, balanced, skillful gameplay.

How do I learn the basics/get better at this game mode?

The community has created several helpful videos which are in the community Discord. To get better, there are PUGs hosted frequently in the community Discord, where seasoned players are more than happy to show you the ropes and answer any questions.

Any further questions can be asked directly to experienced 4v4 PASS Time (or P4SS) players in the community Discord: