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Post Chucklenuts Cup Review

   QueeQuey   - 8/1/2023
The dust has finally settled on the Chucklenuts Cup and it was a massive success! We thank all of you that signed up and participated. We were absolutely elated with the amount of teams that turned out for the cup! We have received a lot of fantastic feedback from the cup and feel most of the players greatly enjoyed participating in NR6s!

The main goal for the cup was for general outreach and to start collaborating with the content creators of the TF2 scene, and we exceeded the goal we set! We had over 50 teams actively participated in the cup with many questions about future endeavors! The open relationship that RGL now has with the content creators is something we’re looking to grow as we continue into the future. Right now we’d very much like to see the relationship between RGL and content creators deepen so that the competitive community isn’t as daunting for new players with the barrier to entry lowering and those somewhat interested being able to get a more “casual” glimpse into our community. Discussions are already being had about a future cup (among other collaborations), of which details will be ironed out in time, until then content creators will be receiving the VODs from the event to use in their videos and keeping RGL as a resource as they need! Creators have also expressed in interest in upcoming events of 6s, Highlander.... and more?

We learned a few lessons from this cup that we will be applying for our future plans. First, we will be aiming to host the cup during the off-season rather than during the regular season. Second is that all formats will be transitioned to a single-elimination playoffs structure rather than upper divisions being double-elimination. And third, the amount of matches per day will be reduced. Overall this should give players more time to focus on TF2 and enjoying the cup to the fullest!

To add, we initially had over 80 teams sign up for the cup but some were unable to get a full team in time and died. Next time we will be attempting to combine these teams that way all players that want to participate are able to without having to worry, while also attempting to add a solo/partial-queue if feasible. A shortcoming of the cup was that the marketing was a bit less than it should have been. Now that RGL has new marketing procedures, this shouldn’t be an issue going forward and should help us better promote cups going forward.

Overall for the cup we set out to connect our competitive community with the casual side of the TF2 community. We achieved that goal, and were able to introduce over a hundred brand new players into the scene. We’ve made a large stride in growth from the cup from experience, and the connections that we made leading up to, during, and after the cup. The groundwork has been laid for events going into the future, and we’re already looking to build upon that.

I’d like to thank everyone who worked hard to make the cup happen and run smoothly, those being: Camp3r, Steve, Larry, DubThink, Dolphin, Jazz, Godfather, Fleskore, and Xenagos. And a massive special thanks to the Chucklenuts and IanTheAwsm for their willingness to work with RGL for the event and help push the scene forward. Lastly I’d like to thank all of you who participated and were willing to hop in for the experience!