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Announcing RGL 6s Season 12 Playoffs

   camp3r   - 7/7/2023
SFM by Raos

All Regular Season matches must be played

by JULY 23rd, 2023 (@11:59PM EDT) at the latest.

Playoffs matches will be scheduled ASAP for each division after the end of Week 8 on SUNDAY, JULY 16th.
Like with past seasons, Challonge brackets will be provided on the League Table page under your division just before Playoffs begins.

All Regular Season matches are required to be played in full for those teams who have made it (or are likely to) into the standings for their divisions. This includes any rescheduled matches from earlier in the Season.

The playoffs format for each division will be as follows:

  • Newcomer: Top 8 Single Elimination
  • Amateur: Top 16 Single Elimination
  • Intermediate: Top 8 Single Elimination
  • Main: Top 4 Double Elimination
  • Advanced: Top 4 Double Elimination
  • Invite: 8-Team Playoffs following the New Format (Details Below)

Where applicable (NC to ADV), all Playoffs matches will follow this Playoff Map Selection process either in match comms manually or using the Pick/Ban UI. Alternative Maps for Paid Divisions will not be included in the Playoffs Map Pool.

Further instructions will be provided on your match pages once published in the coming few weeks.

Don't know what Single or Double Elimination brackets are? We have an explanation in our Rulebook here!

For Newcomer to Main:

The first default day for Playoffs will be MONDAY, JULY 24th, and the final day to play matches will be SUNDAY, AUGUST 20th at 11:59 EDT.
We will be sticking with the following default match date/time formats:
  • Newcomer - WEDNESDAYS @ 9:30PM EDT (By default, NC Playoffs will last 3-weeks.)
  • Amateur - WEDNESDAYS @ 9:30PM EDT (By default, AM Playoffs will last 4-weeks.)
  • Intermediate - THURSDAYS @ 10:30PM EDT [By default, IM Playoffs will last 3-weeks.)
  • Main - THURSDAYS @ 10:30PM EDT (By default, Main Playoffs will last 4-weeks.)
NOTE: Teams may ask to reschedule their Playoffs matches to earlier dates if both teams agree! Open a support ticket to start this process if desired.

For Advanced:

Advanced players have been asking for a similarly condensed Playoffs schedule like Invite already uses. After consulting with teams, that tentative schedule is as follows:
  • MONDAY, JULY 17th
      - Upper 1 and Upper 2
  • TUESDAY, JULY 18th
      - Lower 1 and Upper Bracket Finals
      - Lower Bracket Finals
      - Grand Finals

Flexibility and reschedules where needed within this tentative condensed format are open for consideration! Communicate with your opponents and in a support ticket if needed. We are trying something new here! If the above schedule does not work out, we will default to the otherwise usual Playoffs Double Elim schedule of 2 Playoffs Matches per week, lasting about 4-weeks

For Invite:

  • MONDAY, JULY 17th - Playoffs Week starts
  • TUESDAY, JULY 18th
      - Upper Round 1: Match 1 & 2
      - Losers Round 1: Match 3 & 4
      - Losers Round 2: Match 5 & 6
      - Losers Round 3: Match 7
      - Upper Semifinals: Match 8
      - Losers Finals: Match 9
      - Grand Finals: Match 10

Similarly to how we use Challonge brackets for other divisions, the below image will be updated as Invite teams progress through Playoffs.

SFM by Raos

Don't know what all this "New Format" for Invite 6s nonsense is about? We have a short video explaining it all on the RGLgg Youtube Channel!

Writing by Virgil
Editing, Voiceover, and b-roll by QueeQuey
Thumbnail and Graphic by Raos


As a reminder, all ringers must follow our guidelines! Specifically:

General Reminders

  • Any minor penalties incurred during playoffs will reduce prize earnings by 10%, and major penalties incurred will reduce prize earnings by 30%. For more information on how penalties are modified during playoffs, check here.
  • Forfeits during Playoffs are heavily discouraged and to be avoided. Admin encouraged match reschedules are on the table for all Divisions.
  • Forfeits during playoffs will result in a 50% reduction in earnings.
  • Any players that fail to submit POV demos during playoffs will result in a second offense at a minimum, even if the player has no previous offenses.