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RGL HL Season 15: Map Updates and Staff Changes

   consta   - 6/3/2023

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Two updates were shipped for pl_eruption and koth_proot. After some discussion with our staff team, here are the verdicts regarding usage in league play.

pl_eruption_b13 will be the default map version played.

In the latest version, the map developer improved clipping around the map environment in order to create a cleaner experience. Numerous improvements were also made around the map in order to increase performance. Since there are no major gameplay adjustments made in this version, our Admin team feels comfortable pushing this version into the season.

Download link for pl_eruption_b13

koth_proot_b5b will be the default map version played with koth_proot_b6b being optional.

A new version of koth_proot has been released. This new version used feedback from prior seasons to rework the house’s battlements and give more options against sniper positioning. Since this is a significant change released right before the season without a clear expectation of how it affects gameplay, our Admin team does not feel comfortable making it the default version being played. However, with some feedback on how some teams have high expectations for these changes, we would like to give teams the option to play koth_proot_b6b instead of koth_proot_b5b should both teams agree to it in match comms.

Download link for koth_proot_b5b (default)
Download link for koth_proot_b6b (alternative)

Staff Changes

Some adjustments have been made due to Spazz stepping down. We would like to thank Spazz for their time and efforts spent volunteering, and we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. Here is the new staff list for Season 15.

Division Admins:
Invite: yogrrt
Advanced: voyboyvo
Main: Bliztank
Intermediate: Xenagos
Amateur: asian
Newcomer: Kitty

Division Moderators:
Advanced: Rebel
Main: Ta5K
Amateur: Garbo
Newcomer: Jercer

The staff list is available to view on our website.

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