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RGL 6s Season 12 - Map Pool, Admin List, and Format Changes

   camp3r   - 5/16/2023

SFM by Raos

Important Dates for 6s Season 12

  • Sunday, April 30th - New Team Registration Opens
  • Sunday, May 14th - New Team Registration Closes at 11:59 PM EDT (New Team Registration is Now Closed!)
  • Monday, May 15th - Invite Qualifiers Week Begins (More Details Announced Further Below in this Article)
  • Friday, May 19th - Division Payments are Due
  • Saturday, May 20th - Invite Qualifiers End, Invite Division Finalized , Teams MUST have 5 rostered to start the season by 9:30PM EDT this day
  • Sunday, May 21st - Team Placements Finalized, Week 1 Matches Posted
  • Monday, May 22nd - Season 12 Week 1 of the Regular Season Begins
  • Sunday, July 9th - Rosters Lock for All Divisions at 11:59 PM EDT
  • Sunday, July 23rd - Last Day for Rescheduling of Regular Season Matches
  • Monday, July 24th - Playoffs Begin (Invite Playoffs Schedule to be Announced Later)
  • Sunday, August 13th - Last Day for Playoffs Matches

  • See the bottom of this Article for full, detailed dates for this Season's Weeks.

6s Season 12 Map Pool

Newcomer, Amateur, Intermediate, and Main Divisions

Based on feedback given in the 6s Season 11 Post Season Survey we will be returning to a two KoTH map pool, removing koth_clearcut_b15d from the Season's default pool. We will instead be offering it to the IM and Main divisions as an alternative map to play in KoTH-only Weeks 3 & 6. Along with offering cp_villa_b19 to IM and Main divisions as an alternative map to play in 5CP-only Weeks.
For maps being played this Season that are not maps already included with TF2 by default, please click on the map names below to download the mapname.bsp file and then copy it into your TF2 directory at:\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\maps\

Alternative Maps for IM/Main only:
If desired to play, these maps may be voted upon by team leaders in their respective Match Comms. Both Notify your Division Admin if an Alternative Map is voted in successfully.

Advanced and Invite Divisions

Advanced Map Pool:
Season 12 Voted-In Map:
Invite Map Pool:
Season 12 Voted-In Map:

Admin List

Your division admin and moderator will serve as the primary points of contact for your division. For issues during matches you may find quicker support through a ticket in Discord, as Admins not playing matches will be able to respond there much more quickly!
This Season, we are welcoming Gigos and M17 to the team as our AM Mod and IM Admin respectively!

Below is the final 6s Format Admin List for Season 12

The Current Staff List for the the entire League may be found here.

League Changes

Changes for 6s Season 12

Newcomer, Amateur, Intermediate, Main, and Advanced are functionally remaining the same as they were in the previous Season. Here are a few clarifications on our 6v6 Ruleset that occurred during and after 6s Season 11.

3001.8 - Pauses^^
Given the inclusion of the Progressive Config to a larger division audience, we've updated our Ruleset to include specifics on Pauses and how they may be used specifically therein.

3001.9 - Progressive Ruleset^^
As many of our players are already aware, the inclusion of the progressive configs within the 6s Format should also include specifics about it within our written Rulesets. This is that.

3003.2 - Regular Season Pick/Bans^^
Clarification has been added that pick/bans during the regular season must be completed 36 hours before the intended match time and the potential repercussions for failing to respond within this period.

3004.1 - Playoff Map Selection^^
Clarification has been added for the Playoffs map pick/ban order for BO3 and BO5 match series that has been used in past seasons of RGL 6s. This rule change only formalizes what has already been procedure listed in Playoffs Match Page comms.

Otherwise, you can read about all other recent Rules changes at the following Articles since the start of 2023:

NC, AM, IM, Main, and Adv are functionally remaining the same except for Playoffs. We are currently still looking to condense the overall time span that Playoffs occurs within for the Lower Divisions. Based on several past seasons of survey feedback. Having Playoffs last for some teams almost half as long as the regular season already lasts heavily contributes to player burnout and overall fatigue. It goes without saying that we would like to minimize the causes of that where possible for every participating player within RGL. One way will be to condense Playoffs for Newcomer thru Advanced from 4 or 5 weeks of play down to 2 or 3 weeks or even less. Further information on this subject, once it is finalized, will be released in detail in another Article in the near future.

Otherwise, the only changes of significant note are coming to the Invite division! Read just below!

Invite Qualifiers & Major Format Changes

  • Invite will be 8 teams this Season. This is to allow a smoother trial of the major changes that are coming to Invite explained further below and in future Articles.
  • Qualifiers will begin on May 16th to May 20th. Qualifier Matches are already posted and Quals Teams notified of their Matches to occur during this week.
  • Qualifier Matches are played as a two-map series. Each map will be played in full as usual like during the regular part of the Season. Further specifics to your Quals Matches are posted on their respective Match Pages.
  • All ringers that are not on a roster will be required to get approval by the enemy team, and either virgil - (virgil#6969) or je'mond - (je'mond#5202) or camp3r - (camp3r#0001).
  • Teams in qualifiers will earn 1 point per map taken. The top two teams with the most points will qualify and be placed into the Invite division. If needed, ties will be broken based on head to head and then (rounds won) to (rounds played). See our 6s Rule 3001.6 - League Table for further specifics on how ties are broken within RGL 6s.
  • Should a team die early enough during the start of Season, the next Qualifiers Team in line will take their place in the Invite division.

After several seasons of internal planning and with input from those active & inactive playing Invite themselves, we are rolling out a dramatic change to the way the Invite division plays it's Season out! Before now, Invite operated as a double Round Robin tournament in the regular season (every team played one another twice). With Playoffs generally occurring in the following week or two after regular season play has completed.

Instead, for Season 12, we are moving to a Multi-Stage format!

Stage 1: In Weeks 1 thru 4, Invite teams will play an 8-Team Round Robin tournament with Matches occurring on the usual Tuesday/Thursday schedule. Based on final placements from this tournament, all teams will be divided into two groups and all move on to Stage 2.
Group A will consist of those who place 1 thru 4. Group B will consist of those who place 5 thru 8.
During Week 5, we have opted to give a "Break Week", similar to how the those in lower divisions who qualified for Playoffs traditionally had Week 9 of the regular season as a week off. No official Matches will be scheduled for Invite teams during this time. This Week can instead be used as time to rest, practice further, or to make up Officials from Stage 1 that needed to be Rescheduled for whatever reason.

Stage 2 and Invite Playoffs: General details have already been shared with those in the Invite division. Further specifics and visual aids will be Announced in a few weeks.

Changes of Note from Past 6s Seasons

We moved to using the 'Progressive Ruleset' in 6s Season 10, trialing the config changes in the Advanced and Invite divisions to an overall positive outcome.
You can read that announcement in the Season 10 - Map Pool, Admin List, and Season Changes!
With feedback from that Season of play, we made a few changes to round timers for all Divisions (reduced all 6s 5cp config round timers from 5 minutes (300 seconds) to 4 minutes (240 seconds)) and pushed out the ProConfig implementation to Intermediate and Main in addition to Advanced and Invite this previous Season 11.
You can read about the changes made in the Season 11 - Map Pool, Admin List, and Season Changes Article!
Configs for Intermediate, Main, Advanced, and Invite are remaining the same as they were in Season 11.
Those configs are executed in-game as follows:
  • For 5cp maps:rgl_6s_5cp_match_pro.cfg
  • For KoTH maps:rgl_6s_koth_pro.cfg

Configs for the Newcomer and Amateur divisions will remain as they were in previous seasons.
You can read about those in our '5 Control Point' and 'King of the Hill' Rulesets, respectively linked here.
To Note: We reduced the round timers to 4 minutes for NC and AM 5cp configs at the start of Season 11.
Those configs are executed in-game as follows:
  • For 5cp maps:
  • rgl_6s_5cp_match_half1.cfg
  • For KoTH maps:
  • rgl_6s_koth.cfg

Final Reminders

To be scheduled for the Season, your team must have at least 5 players rostered by Saturday, May 20th at 9:30PM EDT, be marked as “Ready” (or have already contacted your division Admin regarding why you are "Not Ready" , and have division fees paid by Friday, May 19th by 11:59PM EDT if you are in a paid division. Please reach out to your division Admin or open a Support Ticket in the RGL Discord ASAP if you have any issues doing any of this.

Season Weeks - Detailed Dates

  • Week 1: Monday, May 22nd thru Sunday, May 28th
  • Week 2: Monday, May 29th thru Sunday, June 4th
  • Week 3: Monday, June 5th thru Sunday, June 11th
  • Week 4: Monday, June 12th thru Sunday, June 18th
  • Week 5: Monday, June 19th thru Sunday, June 25th
  • Week 6: Monday, June 26th thru Sunday, July 2nd
  • Week 7: Monday, July 3rd thru Sunday, July 9th
  • Week 8: Monday, July 10th thru Sunday, July 16th
  • Week 9: Monday, July 17th thru Sunday, July 23rd - This is generally a ''Break Week'' for NC thru Adv., with Playoffs occurring over the following 4 weeks. With the potential Playoffs scheduling changes, dates beyond this will be announced in a later Article this Season.

And as always, We wanted to thank you, the players, for choosing to continue to support this League over the years. We would not be able to host these Seasons, Cups, or LANs nor would we be here if it were not for everyone coming together to help promote and populate this inclusive community. Thank you all! And GLHF this Season!!