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RGL HL Season 15: Map Updates and Survey Results!

   consta   - 5/1/2023

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Map Updates

We want to make sure that maps are in the best release state that they can be for the season, however we also want to ensure that the maps remain consistent with what is practiced before the start of the season. Should an update become available that does not include significant gameplay changes, we will switch to that version if the season has not already begun.


Vigil has been updated to pl_vigil_rc10 (formerly pl_vigil_rc9). No gameplay changes were adjusted, instead, this update fixed various clipping and lighting around the map, making movements around surfaces smoother as well as splash damage more consistent.


pl_eruption has been updated to pl_eruption_b11a. Teams were requested to temporarily use pl_eruption_b10_test5 while some final texture edits were being processed. The gameplay is exactly as it is in the previous test release, however the map has been fully graphically re-designed with clipping fixes and better lighting as well. No further updates are expected before the end of the season outside of any major clipping or lighting issues.


This section is more to clarify that there will NOT be any updates to the map before the end of the season. Matches will be played on koth_proot_b5b, the same version as seen in Season 14. More updates are to be expected in future seasons where it appears.

Regarding Survey Results

We value the feedback of our players tremendously. The answers to each question let us know where to go in future seasons to best serve our players’ interests. For the multiple choice questions asking for feedback on divisions and their admins, I have shared the results with the respective division admins to improve our overall quality throughout each division. For the questions asking for written answers, I have made sure to read each and every response I received, whether it was serious or goofy, short or long. I would like to address some of the more common concerns in a future article but, for now, here are the results of the survey.

Regarding the Inclusion of Eruption

As stated in the previous article Welcome to Eruption, we utilized the results of the Season 14 Post-Season Survey to help us decide which map to replace. We examined the overall map enjoyability as well as the direct results of which to replace. Overall, there was a high interest in seeing pl_upward take a break. As such, we have decided to rotate the map out for the meantime. However, we would like to assure the pl_upward lovers out there that the map is expected to return in a future season! This won't be the last time you will see it!

General Map Results

General Division Results

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