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RGL Moving Forward

   Taylor   - 4/19/2023
Since I joined RGL, I have been so fortunate to meet so many amazing people working hard to build and improve the competitive TF2 experience.

Unfortunately, I have been met with a surprise kidney cancer diagnosis. We caught it early, so I am very, very lucky. Still, the effects have prevented me from being able to work consistently in the last couple of months, and because good health is a prerequisite for big projects like RGL, it is best I pass the reins on. I will focus on my recovery.

Luckily, the choice of who should own RGL was natural–arcadia!

Having gotten to know arcadia well, I learned that he is sensible, thoughtful, and productive as well as a good friend to many. He has a great vision of what TF2’s future can be, and his technical background in software engineering only puts RGL in better hands.

Arcadia has been an integral member of the community for a while now. I have seen him:

- Coach dozens of new players
- Connect RGL with community developers
- Work closely with a talented developer to create a public API and therefore support community development even further
- Act as a peacemaker and improve relationships
- Stay up late to strategize, support, and ensure projects get done
- And much, much more

Needless to say, I really respect arcadia, and I am excited RGL will be under his direction.

Send good thoughts, and thank you all!