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6s Staff Updates and 6s Staff Applications

   exa   - 4/13/2023

6s Staff Updates

  • Virgil and Walrex will be stepping down from their positions as the 6s Head Admin and 6s Invite Admin respectively.

We would like to thank them for their work and time spent volunteering and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors. As a result of these staff changes, we are looking for mature, driven individuals who can help us continue to deliver a great platform to ever greater players.

  • camp3r and je'mond will be promoted to the 6s Head Admin positions.


Q: How will two head admins for one format work?
A: camp3r and je'mond will be managing RGL 6s in a joint effort (as co-head admins). This means that they will be working together to help guide the direction and decisions of the format. Communication will play an important role between the two to ensure that decisions are being made together.

Q: Why will there be two new head admins for one format?
A: When determining the candidates for the next 6s Head Admin position, the RGL Head Admin team believed this co-head admin structure would work to allow je'mond to provide his experience with public relations and high-level player relations and camp3r to utilize his experience with internal scheduling and logistics, both which are valuable assets to have as a head administrator.

Q: Will there be different responsibilities between the two head admins?
A: Although both camp3r and je'mond will have shared responsibilities as head admin with most duties overlapping, there will be few differences in the tasks and functions that they will focus their strengths and experience on individually while serving together as an overall team.

For article writeups and season setup (e.g. setting up particular behind-the-scenes details like division organization and match schedules for the regular season and playoffs), camp3r will assist primarily in these areas. These have been historically considered internal areas of work for an admin.

For more public outreaching tasks such as Invite meetings, responding to forums, and managing relations with players, these are the responsibilities that je'mond will be prioritizing.

Both co-Head Admins are qualified to answer questions, make decisions, and provide insight where ever needed. Players are encouraged to approach camp3r and je'mond with particular scenarios that may be better suited for the other to solve. Lastly, we appreciate the patience shown while the RGL 6s team takes on this new endeavor.

RGL 6s Staff Applications

  • RGL 6s will be opening up division administrator and moderator positions. If you are interested in working to help improve our formats, then we encourage you to apply.

If admin positions are filled, we may contact you to potentially join the staff as a moderator instead.

Experience in these fields is preferred. Feel free to apply again if you have applied for any of these positions and have not received a response or been selected.

If you would like to apply, you can fill out a form where we will go through the submissions and potentially ask for a follow-up. If you have any questions regarding positions feel free to open a ticket in our Discord.

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