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Welcome to Eruption

   consta   - 2/28/2023

Venture on and learn more about our brand new Highlander map launching with Season 15 this summer!

Eruption is a 4-point payload map first developed by Billo in 2019. Since then, Eruption has undergone numerous design changes and optimizations based on feedback from higher leveled Highlander players and other community members. Players may be most familiar with the map from its presence in the 2022 Autumn Experimental Cup. While feedback from the cup was mostly positive, after various discussions and analyses we admittedly viewed that the map during that time was in a position of needed improvements. After looking over the most recent changes and keeping a close eye on its development, we have decided to bring the map into upcoming competitions! Here’s a quick overview of the map and what to expect!


The first point on the map is relatively wide and spacious with cliffsides and boulders providing the necessary cover to break line-of-sight. The two most notable areas on this point are a small cave stretching next to the point, providing a lot of immediate cover as well as the hill on the other side of the tracks, providing opposing height that has a lot of vision all around.


Following the spacious outdoors, we enter into a relatively high-ceiling cavern. This point is separated into different sections. The first section is where the track follows through, where the space is a little bit smaller allowing more opportunities for projectile classes to take advantage of from both teams. Quick rotations are available as well as height necessary to play around potential angles.

Players are by no means forced to play tracks however, there is a bridge separated by the cavern walls which allows teams to contest the area around the cart and potentially flank or cut off any lingering players. Judgment is vital to navigate and to gain an advantage.


Exit the tunnels to return to the beautiful outdoors. In this new area, tracks run across the immediate low ground with paths connecting above on either side. Players can utilize the spaciousness to catch any players off-guard that may be falling behind or traveling alone.

Whether players are quick from along the tracks or approaching wide from the cliffside, numerous opportunities are present to hold or push from, and plenty of space in the sky for any players deciding to drop by! Cover is available for both teams to play around and potentially go for sneaky plays.


Return to the indoors, though this may feel a little roomier than the cavern! Approach the high ground from either side of the tracks with windows and space available to do the extra key damage to win the needed space.

Rooms are connected to provide safe navigation and to close any distance needed. A small bridge is present as well to provide quick rotations, although be careful not to fall to the floor beneath! The defending team should be careful however, as some doors may shift after the third point was captured.

How will Eruption fit into the current map pool?

While our Staff are proud to introduce the newest addition to Highlander, we recognize that simply adding it into the map pool as the eighth week isn’t quite something we’re comfortable with doing at the moment. Instead, we will be turning to the post-season polls for you to decide which stopwatch map it will be taking the place of! Now more than ever, we need your input to see which map will be taking a short vacation from the map pool! The survey is expected to release shortly after the regular season and around the first week of playoffs. Let us hear your voice!

It is also important to note that the versions seen at this given moment as well as the screenshots shown are subject to change either subtly or drastically by the start of the next season. The map developer is hard at work to ensure the map is the best it can be, so future changes may be present. The most recent release is available for download on the TF2Maps page. Any feedback for the map developer can be given in the forum thread posted here.