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Day 2 - Public RGL API

   Taylor   - 12/23/2022
This has been a major request from developers around the competitive community for years. RGL has all of this data about players, matches, team history, and so much more, yet there hasn’t been a good way to access it.

Well, with the help of a new team of developers, we are excited to announce that we are finally creating an RGL API.

For those people who don’t know what this is, this service will allow anyone to send requests to RGL programmatically to get information back. For example, say someone wanted to get a player’s real alias given a steamID, this would allow that. Or, another example from the past, the only way to keep track of rosters or matches was to manually look at the site; now, the data can be easily requested through the API.

For the developer community, this opens up a world of possibilities to build their projects on data that hasn’t been publicly available in the past.

For existing projects, we hope this can bring a breath of new life.

For the wider competitive community, we hope that everyone can enjoy new community projects made possible by this.

Here is a blurb from arcadia who is leading the project:

Hi everyone. Many of you know me as a middling medic player. But by day, I am a software engineer. Taylor has given me and other community devs a unique and unprecedented channel to make changes, improvements, and additions to the software at RGL.

I was asked to keep this under wraps for far too long - I am extremely excited to share my ideas and thoughts with the community and utilize my skills to seek positive change for everyone.

That being said, software is highly complex, so as we are all doing this pro bono, the changes will come slowly for now. Once we build a development environment and team structure we’re really happy with, I hope that others will be able to join and grow and build on top of what we have done. Excited to share more soon.

For developers who are involved with existing or potential projects that want to get an early look at the API, we have an alpha and are looking for participants. Please contact us at [email protected]

For developers looking to get involved with an RGL project, or if you have any ideas or suggestions for RGL services and think you could bring value, submit an application here.