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Day 0 - RGL Advent Calendar

   Taylor   - 12/21/2022
Hey everybody!

Since officially joining RGL two months ago, I’ve neglected my real-life job (<-- this is a joke for legal reasons). I dove head first into learning the ins and outs of the RGL structure as well as RGL’s impact on the history, drama, and perpetual puzzles of the TF2 community. Historically, I’ve been pessimistic about the upside of TF2’s potential as an esport, and ironically, that sentiment has been disproved time and time again: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1056510/team-fortress-2-number-players-steam/

TF2 really is a beautifully diverse game with a strange community and aesthetic so strong that it not only stays alive, it outlives almost every other game. I can’t help but be inspired.

As a long-time forum lurker and TF2 market landscape nerd, I had a sense of what needed to be done regarding RGL, and I set out to push for many changes and new developments.

Fortunately, I’ve met incredibly capable staff members and developers that share the same passion for TF2, and they have raised my vision. We’ve conducted dozens of interviews with players, created new bridges with other TF2 organizations, began collaborating with community developers, parsed the forums for critiques and suggestions, and storyboarded ideas for weeks. Finally, we’ve broken ground on projects that will improve the quality of RGL as a service and potentially invigorate the competitive scene in a significant way. All of this comes from the constructive feedback we’ve read from the community, so thank you!

Anyway, ADVENT CALENDAR. It’s cheesy, but in the spirit of the holidays, we will be announcing a new project every day with the biggest one landing on the 25th!

Some age-old questions will be answered, and some new developments will come as a surprise. We’re excited to include the community along the way!

Tune in tomorrow night to see the first announcement!

Day 1 - Update on RGL PUGs (Dec. 22nd)
Day 2 - Public RGL API (Dec. 23rd)
Day 3 - Current RGL Website Changes (Dec. 24th)]
Day 4 - RGL New Player Experience (Dec. 25th)

I will put the links here as they come out.