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RGL Anti-Cheat Updates #3

   exa   - 11/26/2022
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RGL AC Admin Reveal

One of our AC admins has decided to drop her anonymous role for transparency reasons. We would like to state that Samus, Senior AC admin of ETF2L, is part of our RGL AC staff. This might raise some questions for some which will be answered in the following.

  • Q: Q: Does this mean that the ETF2L AC and RGL AC teams work together on cases?

  • A: No, Samus is helping RGL AC out of a personal decision to improve the scene. Case evidence is not shared, and the AC teams do not work together and always conduct their independent investigations. There is a general trust between the two AC teams and the staff member involved that makes this possible without having to fear leaks.

  • Q: Does this mean cheating bans are mirrored by each league?

  • A: While RGL mirrors ETF2L cheating bans, ETF2L does not mirror the cheating bans of any other league. Evidence always has to be looked at by the majority of the ETF2L AC team before any ban is placed.

  • Q: Isn’t the additional case workload an issue?
  • A: A: Samus' main priority remains with ETF2L, she helps out RGL AC whenever it will not cause problems with her availability for ETF2L matters.

    If you have any further questions, you can contact Samus#1445 on Discord.

Improvements since the last RGL AC Update Post

The trial process has been improved with a test case for applicants. This step has proven itself to be valuable, allowing us to pick people with the right skills and mindset for our AC team.

Improvements were made regarding the general overview and archival of older cases, which is essential as reference material for old, current, and future casework.

RGL AC Trial Updates

On October 14, 2021, RGL announced its first RGL AC trials to look for new members that are interested in working to better help the league be free from cheating, as well as have the skillsets to work on the AC team.

It should be mentioned that the RGL AC team has picked up numerous trials in the year to help deal with the case backlog. However, the team has had to deal with trials leaving after several months, staff burnout, as well as schedule conflicts with work and school that have impacted their availability and commitment to deal with casework on the team. In addition, many applicants failed to pass the test case stage due to severe misunderstandings of cheats, jumping to conclusions too quickly, judging situations wrongly, or displaying poor analyzing skills in their reviews, which limits our pool of trials even further. As a result, the trialing process did not go as smoothly as it should have been to deal with this backlog. That being said, we are not interested in lowering our standards with our casework.

As a result, more focus will be put on 1-on-1 teaching with trials to build a more stable foundation for AC in the future and to attempt to reduce potential staff burnout.

Currently, there are five trials on the AC team. If you are interested in joining as a trial, please apply here.

POV Requests of Other Players

Allowing teams to request demos of other players that they played against in an RGL match is a new policy that we are looking to implement. Our current plan is to build the infrastructure by allowing team leaders to submit match logs and demos in the RGL match comms, which will better facilitate these requests. More specific details will be announced in a future article.

Game Exploit Rule Updates

The following have been added to the game exploits list by the RGL AC team.

  • Reverse Quantum Crouch (https://github.com/ValveSoftware/Source-1-Games/issues/2195) or any method that causes the hitbox to be bugged, either visually or nonvisually
  • Bypassing sv_cheats to enable in-game cheat commands *
  • Killing/hurting players during the setup time of a match
  • Using record;stop to see decloaked spies ‡‡
  • Bypassing cl_flipviewmodels to flip viewmodel animations while alive (doing this while dead or switching classes is allowed)

* = These exploits result in a Cheating ban rather than a Game Exploit ban.
‡‡ = Clarification regarding when warnings are issued will be explained in a subsequent article.

The following mod has been listed as allowed:

  • Removing damage particles

The following mod has been listed as not allowed:

  • Transparent enemy pyro flames (removing your own flames is allowed)

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