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RGL 6s S10 Mid Season Map Cup

   virgil   - 10/5/2022

SFM By QueeQuey, Edited by Raos

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The 10th season of RGL 6s has begun, and one large piece of feedback we got during season 9 was the desire to see more map testing done. We’ve already begun doing this in different ways, having new map pugs for Invite and Advanced players, as well as introducing sultry/villa to the invite map pool. However, we want to encourage more general testing, and potentially change up the base map pool again. Thus, this season, we will be running a mid-season map cup!

The mid-season map cup will be free to play and will take place on November 5th and 6th. Please note the purpose of this map cup will be to gauge interest in changing the map pool. If you feel strongly either way, we encourage you to participate to ensure your voice is heard.

Map Pool and Schedule

The map pool will have every match alternate between cp_mannbase and cp_sultry. Playoffs will feature the top 8 teams for the div, Each match will be a best of three, with cp_villa as a tie-breaker map.

The schedule* is as follows:
  • Sign-ups end: Wednesday, November 2nd
  • Saturday, November 5th - Day 1
    • Group Stage Round 1: 15:00 - (Sultry)
    • Group Stage Round 2: 16:00 - (Mannbase)
    • Group Stage Round 3: 17:00 - (Sultry)
    • Group Stage Round 4: 18:00 - (Mannbase)

  • Sunday, November 6th** - Day 2
    • Playoffs round 1 (top 8): 15:00 - Best of 3
    • Playoffs round 2 (top 4): 17:00 - Best of 3
    • Playoffs round 3 (Grand Finals + Third Place Match): 19:00 - Best of 3

*If both teams are ready before the scheduled start time, matches are encouraged to be played early.
** Depending on sign-ups, top divs may be top 4 double elim instead of top 8.

Configs and Map Versions

For IM divisions and above: Matches are played in a 30-minute half. If there is a tie after the 30 minutes, an extra round is played for 10 minutes, until either those 10 minutes run out or until a team wins a round. If the 10 minutes run out, the mid is replayed again, and whoever caps the midpoint wins the map. The rgl_6s_5cp_match_pro config will be used.

For amateur: Matches are played in a 30-minute half, and then the half concludes. The rgl_6s_5cp_scrim config will be used.

The map versions being used are:
  • cp_mannbase_rc2a - May be added to map rotation depending on feedback
  • cp_sultry_b7 - Currently in invite map pool, may be added to div wide map rotation depending on feedback
  • cp_villa_b19 - Tie breaker map for playoffs, has had some changes since last played in the league, looking for feedback.


What servers should we use?

All serveme/qixalite servers should already have the maps uploaded to them, however, it is highly recommended to download the maps from the link above before connecting to reduce connect time, delays, or other issues.

What region/divs is this open to?

The cup is open to the NA region, and open to all divs, however, there will not be a unique division for Newcomer.

All skill levels are welcome. We believe that having feedback at different levels will give a better idea of how the maps will play throughout the entire league, rather than just at high-level play. The placements of teams will be guided by placements of teams in the current season of RGL (if rostered). Teams may be shifted around depending on the number of sign-ups (e.g A top IM team may be placed in Main).

Looking for a team?

You can join our Discord and post in the #lft channel for 6s or post on the built-in LFT section of the website here.