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RGL LAN and RGL Sixes Season 9 Finances

   exa   - 9/24/2022
This article will be to go over the prize pool earnings for RGL Sixes Season 9, as well as all the finances that went into the first-ever hosted RGL LAN.

Season 9 - Prize Pool Distribution


  • Invite Support

For RGL LAN, we asked all four Invite teams for estimated pre-LAN total expenses and actual post-LAN total expenses to calculate the pre-Lan net and total net. The fundraiser and Draft Cup revenue was split by four and evenly distributed to the teams. These additional funds allowed the three of the four Invite teams to at least not only break even but turn a profit. It should be noted that "Like A G6" exceeded their estimated pre-LAN total costs by $1,770 due to arriving an extra day earlier than the rest of the teams.

  • LAN Prize Pool Breakdown

1. $2,200
2. $2,100
3. $2,150
4. $2,050

Payouts for the top 4 playoff Invite teams have been adjusted for this LAN season to help cover the team's expenses to attend LAN.

  • LAN Finances

For the RGL LAN 2022 Financial Report, we have included the total balance, revenue, costs, fundraiser, and draft cup funds for each of the impacted departments (production, Invite teams, venue, merch, admin, and designers) in RGL. To view the finances broken down into specific sections and departments, you can view this here.

It should be noted that Helix eSports honored the rental price of the 2020 LAN location in New Jersey, despite RGL using the Massachusetts location for the 2022 LAN. The Massachusetts venue without this discount would have been more expensive, and as such the discount allowed RGL to have a better deal.

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