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RGL HL Season 13: Updated Important Information

   consta   - 10/1/2022

SFM By MetalCloud, Edited by Raos

Important Season 13 Dates

    The remaining season dates are below:
  • Invite Fees Due: Mon, Oct 3
  • Regular Season: Mon, Oct 3 – Mon, Nov 14th (7 Weeks)
  • Roster Locks: Sun, Nov 6 @ 11:59 PM EST
  • Playoffs Start: Mon, Nov 21
  • Last possible date for playoff matches: Mon, Dec 19

Staff Changes

The new list of Highlander staff for Season 13 will be as follows:

Division Admins:
Invite: yogrrt
Advanced: Rebel
Main: Spazz
Intermediate: Xenagos
Amateur: Icy
Newcomer: Kitty

Division Moderators:
Advanced: JohhnyfromCali
Main: vibeisveryo
Intermediate: Bliztank
Amateur: asian
Newcomer: Jercer

The staff list is available to view on our website.

New Map Changes

A new version of cp_steel refresh has been released. This update has changes to fix an exploit as well as clipping changes and other adjustments. All Week 7 matches should be played on cp_steel_f12.

A new version of koth_proot has been released. RGL will be running koth_proot_b4b for Season 13. In this newest version, health and ammo kit placements have been adjusted to have a healthier spread across the map. These should be the last map updates going into the season.

The Season 13 Map Order with Updated Versions: