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RGL LAN Fundraiser: Draft Cup and LAN Merch

   exa   - 7/17/2022
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The RGL LAN will be scheduled to occur on the weekend of August 6th to August 7th (Saturday and Sunday). This will be three weeks after the regular season to allow the playoff teams to prepare by booking flights and hotels. As it is being held on a weekend, it will be a two-day event. Day 1 will cover the first round and semifinals of playoffs. Day 2 will cover the lower bracket finals and grand finals.

The top 4 North American teams will be competing for the share of a $5,820 US prize pool.

Image Credits (SFM - Redpanda, Editing - RaosCometh)

RGL Disrupt-n-Draft Cup

The Disrupt-n-Draft cup is a one-day cup featuring the top 4 Invite teams, showing a quick preview of the talent going to the inaugural RGL LAN! Viewers have a stake in this cup as well, having the ability to donate to influence the game. All proceeds will go towards the LAN fundraiser, which helps cover any extra costs incurred by both players and production.

Stream Information

Watch the cup at twitch.tv/rglgg at 8pm EST on Thursday, July 21st, 2022!

Player Information

Top 4 teams will be represented by the following captains

1. Froyotech: B4nny
2. Witness Gaming: Ash
3. Like A G6: Caps
4. The ANGY! Brothers: Kev

Picking will be done in the following order:
4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1

We’ll do a double elimination bracket, as seen here: https://challonge.com/ve993za6

Total of 6 matches, 1 map per match except for GFs which is a best of 3. The map pool will be the current Season 9 RGL map pool. Matches will be played with a modified RGL ruleset, where there will be 30-minute maps with a first-to-five format and a 5-minute round timer.

Donation incentives


$1: Play a sound bite on stream
$10: Insta-kill any player (doubles to $20 for the next 5 minutes on that player after it’s initially used)
$10: Random effect for 10 seconds
$15: Give a player 750 health
$15: RTD on a random player! (https://github.com/Phil25/RTD)
$15: Uncontrollable jumping on a random player
$20: Valve rocket launcher on a player for 10 seconds (doubles to $40 for next 3 minutes after used)
$20: Give a team crits for 10 seconds
$20: Low gravity for 30 seconds!
$50: Spawn a tank!
$100: Spawn dolphin for a life!

Stretch Goals (Cumulative funds raised):
$500 - Auto-balance the teams for the current match! (Teams with captains determine team wins)
$666 - Next Map Halloween Map (Chat vote)

Donations available during the regular fundraiser will also be available.

LAN Merch


To help fund the LAN, we are launching new t-shirt designs, along with NEW exclusive stickers and pins! Each merch item will be worth a certain number of ‘assists’, which will be used to track donor perks, such as signed merch, posters, and more! There will also be exciting community stretch goals, including a ghost pepper challenge! Check lan.rgl.gg/shop for more info!


For details regarding the RGL LAN, we have created a splash page with venue information, dates, schedules, and more. More details will be updated as we head towards the start of the event.


We also have channels in the RGL Discord for LAN-related discussions, announcements, and travel and lodging coordination.