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Next Chapter of RGL

   exa   - 10/25/2022
Moving forward, ownership of RGL will be transferred from sigafoo to Taylor. Sigafoo has the following statement regarding his decision and reflection on the league thus far:

When I created RGL in 2017, I had one thing in mind, push TF2 forward. Many thought I was crazy, wasting my time and money, but I believed that the status quo TF2 was in, was not for the better. That we needed to rethink how we structure things, take a stronger stance against toxicity/racism, and create a league with a culture of consistently iterating and improving.

I believe we’ve done that. Have we been perfect? No. Did I do as much as I would have liked? No. But I think we're asking the right questions and are heading in the right direction. There is still more to do, but I realized over the last year or two that I don’t have the same drive as I once did. The drive that is required for someone in my position. It is not fair for me to stay in this position if I’m not being active enough in it.

I’ve decided it is time to pass the torch on to the next owner of RGL. I met Taylor a while ago and we’ve had great conversations about TF2, the future, and what he can do now. He’s a person who matches the culture of RGL, wanting to push TF2 forward, wanting to do more, and supporting what we already do. He has the drive and energy to bring great things to the community and I’m really looking forward to his future with RGL.

Taylor has the following to say regarding his experiences with RGL and competitive TF2 and his new role as owner of the league:

When I first started playing in RGL, I was bedridden by an injury for months. Previously, my identity was wrapped up in sports and other competitive outlets. I had lost a lot of confidence and joy with those absent. So, a new friend invited me to play on a sixes team for an experimental map cup, and I had lukewarm expectations. I ended up having a blast.

Since then, I made lifelong best friends; the sense of self-improvement that TF2 requires translated into my real life in valuable ways; and, I deeply enjoyed being a part of an amazing community. This league facilitated the return of my competitive edge and spirit. Thank you Sigafoo for creating RGL.

Now, what initially attracted me to RGL is the strength of the structure–due to the amazing work of the staff who continually maintain and improve it. My first and most important task is to support them in a meaningful way.

Still, I am aware there are complex relationships as well as inefficiencies and efficiencies. They come with any community. RGL has made great, needed strides, but I am aware of the frustrations. Luckily, many solutions are already underway or lay dormant in existing staff and the players themselves. If you have ideas or suggestions for us, send me a quick email ([email protected]). I aim to be transparent and listen the best I can in order to provide a great league experience.

I’m genuinely excited because we have measured plans to grow RGL and keep it going for years to come. I will share more in the near future.

We would like to formally thank everyone for being a part of our organization so far. We are excited about this next chapter of RGL and hope to continually push to make the league better for everyone. Thanks!

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