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Reaffirming Reporting Policies and Privacy

   exa   - 5/5/2022
The following individual has received a two-year suspension plus probation from all RGL leagues and events:

Recently, Report Committee member exodus (AKA carrot and ang) leaked private information submitted as part of several sensitive cases. This is something we take incredibly seriously, as community trust in RGL, the report system, and the RC team is especially important to our mission to foster a safe and welcoming community. For leaking sensitive private information, ang has been removed from staff and will receive a indefinite ban with a minimum sentence of two years after which the user can appeal. Additionally, we will be taking the following actions to ensure this does not happen again and help rebuild trust in the RGL report system:

  • We will be adding an option to the report form for particularly sensitive reports to be reviewed only by the Head Admin team. While we believe the Report Committee is important to ensuring consistent bans, we want to offer a safe avenue to those who are uncomfortable with the RC reviewing their case.
  • We are increasing the vetting bar for members of the Report Committee to require multiple seasons of a clean track record as an admin and/or reputation of trust within the community.

As always, we aim to respect the privacy of our players in reports as our top priority. By default, reports are only seen by members of the Report Committee and the Head Admin team, and we will be adding the option to limit the audience to Head Admins. We only share reports with other leagues for ban mirroring with the reporter’s approval. Similarly, evidence is never shared with the subject of the report unless approved by the reporter, or the evidence is non-sensitive and does not identify the reporter (e.g. logs.tf link to slurs in in-game chat).

If anyone has particular concerns regarding the RC, report process, or the privacy of their report not addressed above, please reach out to exa#0080.