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RGL HL Season 12: Map Order and Match Point Changes

   consta   - 5/27/2022

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The Season 12 Map Order:

Match Points Readjustment

In past seasons, matches were measured out of 3 points. For King of the Hill matches, fractional values were possible; for example, a 4-1 win would translate into 2.67-0.33 match points, and a 4-2 win into 2.34-0.66. However, the rounding towards the winner of the division by 3 (2.6666... to 2.67, 2.3333... to 2.34) led to issues where teams were 0.01 match points away from each other in the final seeding, and because it wasn't an exact tie, tiebreak procedures were not invoked. This was especially an issue when the team on top had forfeit wins or a weaker schedule, and the team on the bottom won a head-to-head match-up or would have won by tiebreak procedures, but failed to make playoffs because of the 0.01 point difference.

To correct this issue, all match point values before rounding have been multiplied by three. Matches will now be played out of a total of 9 match points instead of 3. This means that in most cases (the only exceptions being team move-ups or partial match points due to replayed forfeits), teams will finish the season with a whole number of match points, eliminating the potential for small rounding inconsistencies leading to tiebreak procedures not being invoked.

For Stopwatch (Payload and Attack/Defend) matches, a 2-0 win will translate into 9-0 match points, while a 2-1 win will translate into 6-3 points.

For King of the Hill matches, a 4-0 win will yield 9-0 match points, a 4-1 win 8-1, a 4-2 win 7-2, and a 4-3 win 6-3.

Forfeit wins will lead to an immediate 5 points being given to the winner; the two teams will have the chance to play for the remaining 4 points.