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RGL HL Season 12: Survey Results and Map Pool

   consta   - 5/9/2022

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The Season 12 Map Pool (In No Particular Order):

Regarding Survey Results

We value the feedback of our players tremendously. The answers to each question let us know where to go in future seasons to best serve our players’ interests. For the multiple choice questions asking for feedback on divisions and their admins, I have shared the results with the respective division admins to improve our overall quality throughout each division. For the questions asking for written answers, I have made sure to read each and every response I received, whether it was serious or goofy, short or long. I would like to address some of the more common concerns in a future article but, for now, here are the results of the survey.

Refresh Maps

Both of the maps have received an overwhelming response in favor of running the refresh versions. Both the Steel refresh and Upward refresh maps have their respective threads on the RGL forums to collect feedback and better optimize the maps.

Invite Question

There were no strong responses in favor of the pick-ban system. Because of this, we will be continuing with an assigned map each week within the Invite division. This will be something we continue to poll in the future to re-gauge whether the active Invite player pool is interested in it.

Advanced Question

There was an overwhelming interest in having Advanced take on a Round-Robin tournament structure. Following these results, we plan on adjusting our divisions accordingly. The division below Advanced, known as Main, will be expanded accordingly to accommodate this change. Since the Advanced division will be limited to 8 teams, in order to best include the most competitive teams, a 4-team qualifier will be introduced.

General Map Results

General Division Results