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League Update: Reaffirming RGL's Standards and Code of Conduct

   exa   - 5/3/2022
The following players have received a permanent suspension from all RGL leagues and events:

  • Satan - Breaking RGL's player code of conduct.
  • alfa - Breaking RGL's player code of conduct.

Players are expected to uphold and treat other members of the community with respect. We do not hand out these types of bans lightly. When evaluating the severity of any case we particularly look for repeated or egregious behaviors. We also take into account any contextual details to make sure we have the best understanding of the issue.

We have available a Google form here for use as a primary method to submit reports of inappropriate behavior directly to the report committee administration team. This form or a future equivalent remains open indefinitely. In all circumstances regarding player reports, it should be noted that the recommended course of action is to go through our report system rather than through specific members of staff or the community. In all cases, we take every measure to ensure that details shared by the reporter remain private, shared only with their direct permission.

We want to reemphasize that the administration team does not condone harassment or witch-hunting in any capacity. While we appreciate players coming forward to make these types of issues known, it is more than possible to take things too far. We urge players to continue to maintain respectful relations within the community and to be mindful of the dangers of mob mentality. Serious harassment, doxxing, and the like are unacceptable behaviors.

Our goal at RGL has always been to maintain a passionate community that can have sympathy, tolerance, and that feels safe while playing their favorite game. We respect the privacy of and thank all individuals for having the strength to come forward with their experiences and evidence. Through our combined efforts we can continue to achieve our dream of a healthy and safe competitive environment for all.