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RGL LAN Update #3 - LAN Dates, Details, and Prize Pool Breakdown

   exa   - 7/10/2022
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RGL LAN Update #2 - Patriot Place (11/22/2021)

This article will be a quick update to communicate recent and new developments as we head closer to organizing a LAN for RGL Invite 6s
Season 9 Playoffs in 2022.

Helix eSports Patriots Place is a great location with many shopping stores, dining places, and activities around the venue which can be viewed in the link above. The venue will also have bleachers for spectators, as well as the main stage for a better viewing experience.

  • Confirmed Dates and Structure of Tournament

The RGL LAN will be scheduled to occur on the weekend of August 6th to August 7th (Saturday and Sunday). This will be three weeks after the regular season to allow the playoff teams to prepare by booking flights and hotels. As it is being held on a weekend, it will be a two-day event. Day 1 will cover the first round and semifinals of playoffs. Day 2 will cover the lower bracket finals and grand finals.

(Note: Schedule might have minor changes prior to the start of LAN)

  • Spectator Passes

Spectator passes will be sold at $20.00 at the venue and will be good for the weekend.

  • PC and Peripherals

32 Gaming PCs with monitors (headset, mouse, keyboard, and mouse pad provided to every setup as needed). Players are encouraged to bring their own peripherals. Players will be able to import a USB Flash Drive into the PC for custom configs and UI.

  • Cost

The cost of entry for Invite playoff teams will be free, including access to PCs during the entire two-day tournament. Spectator passes will be $20 for everyone else.

  • Fundraiser and LAN Merch!

The fundraiser will be running throughout the tournament, along with an early view of what LAN will look like with a draft cup on the 21st! Details will be announced in a follow-up article in the coming week.

  • Prize Pool Breakdown

1. $1620
2. $1500
3. $1400
4. $1300

Payouts for the top 4 playoff Invite teams have been adjusted for this LAN season to help cover the team's expenses to attend LAN.

  • Discord

We will also be opening up channels in the RGL Discord for LAN-related discussions, announcements, and travel and lodging coordination.