Prolander S10 Playoff Information

   HappyPurple   - 3/9/2022

Playoff Information

The three-week regular season for RGL's 10th prolander tournament has concluded, which means starting this week we will be begin two weeks of playoffs. All regular season matches must be done by March 12.

  • Advanced and Invite will be participating in a five week round robin, and will not have playoffs.
  • Main, IM and AM will have a two week single elimination bracket with the top 4 teams.

Playoff matches will be best of 1, picked from the five regular season maps.

  • Koth will be played first to 4
  • Stopwatch timer will be used for payload/cp_steel_f8

Additional Information

Teams that did not make it into the top four teams of their division, will have the option of opting out of participating in a two week single elimination bracket.

  • Should teams opt out, non playoffs teams for the bottom halves of main, IM and AM will be canceled, with only the normal top-four team playoffs being ran.
  • Matches have been scheduled for all normal placement playoff games in the top halves of Main, IM and AM
  • Provided teams do not object to participating in a non-placing bracket, those games will have their match pages posted, and required to participate.

We are running multiple brackets per division to let players get more games in despite the short season length. They are optional, and in the case a team cannot play, it will be cancelled. IF your team does not wish to participate in a non-placing bracket, the prolander staff has already opened a ticket for your division and added team leaders onto it.

If you object to participating in the extra matches, make sure you let the prolander staff know ASAP in the ticket. If you do not wish to publicly decline, please dm Mistilteinn#4793 on Discord.

  • If teams agree to play, match pages for the potential non-standard bracket will be posted Friday the 11th
  • All the normal playoffs matches have already been posted.

Please remember to check your match pages, or your division's league table to see how each bracket is structured.


    Quick playoff information:
  • Failing any demo request during playoffs will result in an immediate second offense, even if the player has not previously failed a request.
  • Any map pick/bans should be completed a minimum of 36 hours prior to the decided match time. Failure to do so may result in the team holding up proceedings losing their picks.
  • Any minor penalties incurred during playoffs will result in a 10% prize deduction and a 30% deduction per major penalty for divisions with prize winnings.

Prize pool split is still being determined, and will be announced at a later date. As always if you have any questions, open up a ticket in the discord. Thank you for your attention, and participation in this season of prolander! Good luck with your matches, and most importantly, have fun competing!