Season 10 Map Pool & Additional Information

   HappyPurple   - 2/13/2022

Welcome to mini-season 10!

Hello players,

The window for new team registration has been extended from February 11th to February 14th because of the Fullerton lan. If your team wants to participate this season, make sure you’re registered and readied up at your earliest possible convenience, there will be no further extensions. Tentative division placements will be made over the weekend, and final placements will be rolled out shortly after registration closes, with week one matches to be announced soon after.

The map pool for all weeks this season is as follows:

5 map pick/ban:

Pick/ban order for all weeks:
  • 1. Away bans
  • 2. Home bans
  • 3. Away bans
  • 4. Home picks

Please be sure to check your match page as soon as match pages are posted so your team is able to make the best of the pick/ban process.
The competition will be five weeks total and feature either three swiss regular season weeks, and two weeks of single elimination playoffs, or if there are enough teams in your division, a round-robin tournament.
This season of prolander we’ve decided to try out doing a shorter season. This “mini-season” approach will allow us to run more prolander events each year, altho they will be shorter. More information on future prolander events will be made available down the line.
This season, Ire and Nyna will be joining the prolander team, please remember to make use of the support ticket system if you have any issues or difficulties, dm’ing individual admins may result in increased wait time.

We will be performing demo checks, please make sure your players and team mates are recording matches manually, with valve’s built in demo recorder, or prec.

Teams are required to provide servers for matches they're marked as the home team. RGL recommends using a gameserver rental service that is able to provide free or cheap game server rentals, rather than renting a server monthly. RGL recommends and both services offer free and paid server rentals for TF2 competitive

Thank you for your attention, good luck this season.