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Announcing Highlander Season 11

   WiLLmaTiC   - 12/31/2021

Banner by Frazzanator & Raos

Registration has closed.

Important Season 11 dates

  • New Team Registration Open: December 21st
  • Invite and Advanced registration Ends: January 19th @ 11:59 PM EST
  • General Registration Ends: January 21st @ 11:59 PM EST
  • Qualifiers (if needed): January 22nd & January 23rd
  • Division placements finalized, week 1 matches scheduled: January 26th
  • Invite Fees Due: January 31st (Time extension is given for qualifier teams.)
  • Regular Season: January 31st – March 21st (7 Weeks + 1 week break)
  • Roster Locks: March 13th @ 11:59 PM EST
  • Playoffs Start: March 28th
  • Last possible date for playoff matches: April 25th

Confirmed Maps

26-JAN-2022: Update

The confirmed map order is as follows:

Upward Refresh

In the Season 10 survey, players voted they would like to use the Refresh version of maps. The Refresh team has finished work on a Refresh Version of Upward. I have created a thread to discuss if this version of Upward should be used over the stock version of Upward.

You can find the thread: Here

The final map and rotation will be released 1 week before the start of the season.