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Announcing RGL Traditional Sixes - Season 8!

   reno   - 12/28/2021

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Register Now For Season 8

Registration for RGL 6s Season 8 is now open! The new team registration deadline is January 14th at 11:59 pm EST, with team placements from then until the 30th. The season starts on February 1st and runs through May 1st.

The full season dates are below:
  • Friday, January 14th - New team registration closes @ 11:59 PM EST
  • Friday, January 21st - Invite Qualifiers begin
  • Friday, January 28th - Last day for Qualifiers
  • Sunday, January 30th - Division placements finalized, division fee payment deadline, week 1 matches scheduled
  • Tuesday, February 1st - Regular Season Begins
  • Sunday, March 6th - Rosters lock @ 11:59 PM EST
  • Thursday, March 17th - Last default match day of the regular season
  • Sunday, April 3rdth - Last possible day for regular season matches
  • Tuesday, April 5th - Playoffs begin
  • Sunday, May 1st - Last possible date for playoff matches

How to Find a Team

New to competitive and need help finding a team? Check out our guide on getting started here! You can also check out the NA Newbie Mixes here, which provides many additional resources for players new to competitive TF2, including (but not limited to) a Team Drive where you and 5 other players will be placed on a team that’s assigned an experienced coach for the entire season and weekly "Mixes" where 2 teams of 6 newbies each are given a coach for a single PUG (pick-up game).

Season Updates

There are no changes to the whitelist or config this season. For recent rule updates, check the November article here.

Additional Info for Invite Teams

All teams intending to compete in Invite MUST message the Invite division admin Virgil, as well as have a team page with 6 players rostered by January 19th. Invite will have 9 spots this season, with two spots reserved for qualifier teams and one spot offered to the winners of Advanced in the previous season. Invite does have the possibility to be bumped up to 10 teams. Placement of teams in qualifiers or one of the remaining spots will be up to admin discretion but is largely determined by previous experience.

The regular season for Invite will span 9 weeks, with an 8 team round-robin with an extra week serving as a buffer to reschedule matches if necessary.

Invite playoffs will be played in a weekend LAN tournament style. Dates will be announced soon so teams will be able to plan ahead of time.

Before the season starts, your division admin will invite you to an invite team leaders’ discussion group. The team leader listed on the roster will be the contact point and the one invited to ensure the meeting isn’t overly crowded. If the team leader does not wish to attend, an appointed teammate must take their place.

Invite Qualifiers

Invite qualifiers will be run from January 21st to January 28th. The number of teams allowed into qualifiers will be decided by the admin team based on the potential teams, and the structure of the qualifiers will be announced once the number of teams has been determined. Your invite admin will keep in touch to ensure that any questions regarding scheduling are answered. As stated above, please contact the invite division admin if your team would like to be considered to play in qualifiers.

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