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RGL 6s Season 7 Playoffs Announcement

   reno   - 10/31/2021
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All regular season matches must be played by November 21st at the latest. The formats for this season's playoffs are as follows:

  • Invite: Top 4, double elimination
  • Advanced: Top 4, double elimination
  • Main: Top 8, single elimination
  • Intermediate: Top 8, single elimination
  • Amateur: Top 16, single elimination
  • Newcomer: Top 6, single elimination

The first default day for playoffs will be November 24th for Newcomer and Amateur, and November 23rd for Intermediate and above. Teams may play earlier if they wish.

Reminders of Ringers After Roster Locks

Rosters will lock tomorrow on October 31st, 11:59EST. As a reminder, we recommend everyone to review [1009.4.3] - Ringers After Roster Locks.

    Some other reminders regarding playoffs:
  • Failing any demo request during playoffs will result in an immediate second offense, even if the player has not previously failed a request.
  • Any map pick/bans should be completed a minimum of 36 hours prior to the decided match time. Failure to do so may result in the team holding up proceedings losing their picks.
  • Any minor penalties incurred during playoffs will result in a 10% prize deduction and a 30% deduction per major penalty for divisions with prize winnings.

Prize pool split is still being determined, and will be announced at a later date. As always if you have any questions, open up a ticket in the discord. GLHF!