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RGL Anti-Cheat Trials, Uber Pause Plugin PSA, and Corspe Carrier Cosmetic

   exa   - 10/14/2021

RGL Anti-Cheat

The RGL Anti-Cheat team is looking for new members that are interested in working to better help the league be free from cheating.

As an anti-cheat admin, you are responsible for preventing and punishing cheaters that play in our league. You will utilize tools and methods to detect the usage of cheats, review and analyze demos, log alternative accounts, request demos of suspected cheaters, lead investigative work to find evidence and connections in cases, and more.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Have a credible and trustworthy track record
  • Multiple seasons/years of competitive experience(preference to those at a high level).
  • Ability to be impartial and honest with your judgment, and recuse yourself during cases that compromise your impartiality.
  • Ability to handle cases discreetly and keep the evidence as well the decision-making process confidential.
  • Have ample time to dedicate to thoroughly process and log individual cases and their respective evidence.

If interested, you can apply here through our forms here. If selected, you will receive a follow-up where you will enter a trial stage.

If you are interested in other open RGL staff positions besides Anti-Cheat, feel free to apply using the same form.

Uber Pause Bug Reminders

Recently, there have been issues with the pause plugin which allowed teams to build ubercharge during pauses. This is due to an issue with Serveme rental servers, as they are running an outdated version of the pause plugin on certain servers.

If you are operating a server with the RGL Plugin, then your server should have the latest version of the pause plugin (“Improved Pause Command” (1.4.2)” and do not have to worry about this potential exploit being an issue during your matches.

NOTE: If the pause uber exploit does happen in a match, teams are expected to inform one another if they unfairly gained uber from the pause. Failure to do so may result in a minor penalty. As always, using an illegally gained uber before it would have been naturally obtained will result in team penalties and potentially replayed/overturned rounds or maps.

Corspe Carrier Cosmetic

With the Scream Fortress TF2 update, a cosmetic called the “Corpse Carrier” was introduced.

Due to the cosmetic causing issues with many player configs as well as potentially introducing a gameplay advantage, the cosmetic will be banned from the RGL whitelists for the time being.

If your server is using the RGL plugin updater, the whitelist will be updated once a config is executed.

You can also find the latest version of the RGL whitelists here: