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Highlander Season 10 Changes and Map List

   WiLLmaTiC   - 9/6/2021

HL Admin Roster

Head Admin: WiLLmaTiC
Invite Admin: ire
Advanced Admin and Mod: Joey Lemons and Bert
Main Admin and Mod: Rebel and Spazz
IM Admin and Mod: Icy and grey
Amateur Admin and Mod: Charizard and ygrrt
Newcomer Admin and Mod: Powerpuker and Kitty

Roster Size

After some internal discussion, we have decided to increase the roster size back to 18 players. In addition to this change, a rule update has been made regarding being rostered on a team.

This rule update means regardless of your role on the team (main, substitute, or roster rider) if you were rostered on the team, it will be taken into consideration when team placement and class restrictions are done.

"Refresh" Maps

Group players have been working to modernize and optimize maps used in competitive play. These "Refresh" maps have changes such as but not limited to clipping fixes, bug fixes, and optimizations. An important point to note is the only time a gameplay change is made to a refresh map is with explicit approval from the map's original creator. This season we will be using the latest version of the cp_steel refresh, cp_steel_f5a. Click HERE to download it.

Playoff Structure

Due to the issues regarding playoffs last season (teams dying and the playoff structure not reflecting the number of teams in the division fast enough) we have decided to remove the playoff shading from the League Standings table for all divisions except Invite. As a general rule of thumb, the top 4 teams are guaranteed a spot in the playoffs.

Here are the current playoff structures for each division. Please keep in mind these are tentative and are SUBJECT TO CHANGE:

Invite: Top 4 Double Elimination
Advanced: Top 6 Single Elimination
Main: Top 8 Single Elimination
IM: Top 8 Single Elimination
Amateur: Top 8 Single Elimination
Newcomer: Top 8 Single Elimination


Let's talk about the elephant in the room, Challenger. As many of you are aware Challenger will not be returning for Season 10. Initially, Challenger was created as an overflow division for low Invite teams that did not make the invite cut to use their roster without restrictions, and for the high advanced teams that could keep up with the low Invite teams. In reality, the low Invite teams decided to play Challenger instead of Invite together for easier matches. Many of these issues were also seen when 6s added its "Div-1" and "Div-2". After the removal of both divisions, large improvements were seen to the health in Invite in the following seasons.

With the removal of Challenger, a discussion was had regarding the format of Advanced. The admins concluded that Advanced will be a 12 team Swiss with a Top 6 Single Elimination Playoff Bracket. The Swiss structure over Round Robin was decided as having Advanced Round Robin will both upset Advanced teams that are now either pushed out into Main or having to fight to stay in Advanced. Also, with how often teams die, a team dying in Round Robin has the potential to cause major issues if a team dies early in the season.

Season 10 Map List

Custom maps can be clicked on to download.