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Season 7 Map Confirmation & Admin List

   reno   - 8/31/2021

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Map Pool Confirmation

As mentioned in the Season 6 announcements, we will be following our seasonal koth rotation. Product will be rotated out, and replaced with koth_clearcut_b15d. The newest map added into the map pool will be cp_reckoner_rc6.

This makes the final order:

Invite Map Pool

The Invite map pool will consist of the same 8 base maps:

Map Changes In Invite

Alongside these 8 maps there will be an extra 9th map slot that will be determined by the Invite teams via a poll. The purpose of this map is to allow for extra testing of maps that are not normally played, including both old and new maps. The maps that will be voted on are listed below:

  • 1. cp_granary_pro_rc8/rc2
  • 2. cp_prolands_rc1
  • 4. koth_product_rcx
  • 5. cp_logjam_rc6
  • 6. cp_villa_b18
  • 7. cp_propaganda_b19
  • 8. cp_mannbase_b19a
  • 9. cp_cardinal_rc1a

We will be hoping to get some extra feedback on whatever map is played in this slot, as well as advertise it via casted matches.

Major Invite Changes

Some major changes are happening to Invite, below are the listed changes alongside the reasoning behind the changes.

The size of the division has been reduced from 10 teams to 8 teams.
  • We received enough comments regarding the size of the div in the post-season 6 Invite meeting that we believed changing the size of the div to 8 would benefit the overall integrity and competitive nature of the division, alongside allowing for easier scheduling.

Moving forward, the teams that place in the bottom two slots must play in qualifiers if they wish to retain their spot.
  • We want to encourage and preserve the competitive integrity of the division while creating space for new teams in Invite, and we found the best way to go about this was by having the bottom two placing teams compete in qualifiers the following season if they wish to maintain their spot in Invite. The effect of this is two fold, 1) We believe that this will encourage competitive attitudes from teams throughout the entire seasons, even when playoff seedings are roughly determined, and 2) It actively reserves two spots for teams looking to move up to the Invite division.

Teams allowed into qualifiers will be up to admin discretion.
  • We received comments in the post-season 6 meeting regarding who is eligible for Invite qualifiers. In response to this, this will be up to admin discretion, with rules to be added later if necessary. In general, both scrim results and past experience in upper Advanced/Invite will be considered, with teams with previous invite experience given priority in competing in Invite or Invite qualifiers.

An experimental map slot has been added as the 9th map spot in the Invite map pool
  • While we offer map cups for testing, we want to encourage further testing and methods to normalize new maps. To do this, we are offering a 9th map in the Invite map pool, which will be voted on by Invite teams before the season begins. This gives opportunities for testing, as well as some publicity via casted matches on this match.

The division admin and head admin will host a pre-season meeting for Invite leaders alongside the post season meeting.
  • We enjoy getting feedback and discussion regarding decisions, so we just want to add another opportunity. Of course, DMs will always be open, but we do want some organized settings where we can ask players questions and get feedback.

These are not the only changes to be expected, as the division admin and head 6s admin will announce any further changes defending on the feedback.

Invite Qualifiers

Qualifiers will begin on August 31st to September 10th..

Matches are played as two maps. Each map will be played in full (2 halfs for 5cp, 2 or 3 halfs for koth).

Golden caps, if needed, will be played with mp_timelimit 10. If neither team has taken the round when time runs out, the team that owns mid will take the map.

Teams in qualifiers will earn 1 point per map taken. The top two teams with the most points will qualify into invite. If needed, ties will be broken based on head to head and then (rounds taken)/(rounds played).

Staff Changes

With Season 7, we have finalized an admin list. We will be saying goodbye to our previous admins, ire and Crasian. We thank them for their hard work over the past seasons!

This season, we are welcoming to the team Fluey, Kitty and Dave2!

Your division admin and moderator will serve as the primary points of contact for your division. For issues during matches you may find quicker support through a ticket in Discord, as admins not playing matches will be able to respond there.

Below is the final staff list for Season 7:

Admin: virgil (virgil#5087)
Moderator: Scream (Scream#4249)

Admin: dave2 (deathsnail39#6731)
Moderator: min-ji (min-ji#7460)

Admin: je'mond (je'mond#0007)
Moderator: min-ji (min-ji#7460)

Admin: Fluey (fluey#9037)
Moderator: Fleskore (Fleskore#0160)

Admin: camp3r (camp3r#0001)

Admin: Kitty (Kitty™#5889)
Moderator: Fleskore (Fleskore#0160)

Final Reminders

As a reminder to all teams, please make sure your players are paid up and your roster is ready before September 19th.

As the staff list for the upcoming season will continue to shift, the best way to get in touch with us regarding any questions you have is to make a support ticket in the official discord. Don’t hesitate to reach out should you need anything clarified or fixed.

To be scheduled, your team must have at least six players rostered, be marked as “Ready” and have division fees paid as necessary by September 19th, 11:59EST. Please reach out to us ASAP if you have any issues doing this.

Best of luck!