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Season 8 Map Confirmation, Admin list & Survey results

   reno   - 1/12/2022

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Map Pool Confirmation

As mentioned in the Season 6 announcements, we will be following our seasonal koth rotation. Bagel will be rotated out, and replaced with koth_product_final. There are no other major changes to the map pool.

This makes the final order:

Invite Map Pool

Invite teams have voted out the following two maps: cp_reckoner_rc6 and koth_clearcut. In their places, teams have voted in cp_granary_pro_rc8, cp_prolands_rc2ta and koth_bagel_rc5.

Map Changes In Invite

Invite this season will be testing a new process of figuring out maps for the pool. All players in invite will vote out two maps of their choice, and vote in three new maps. They will be able to chose any map from the current pool they would like to vote out, with the third map being chosen as invites 9th map for the pool. Invite will be allowed to chose from the following maps to vote in:

  • 1. cp_granary_pro_rc8/rc2
  • 2. cp_prolands_rc1
  • 4. koth_bagel_rc5
  • 5. cp_logjam_rc6
  • 6. cp_villa_b18
  • 7. cp_propaganda_b19
  • 8. cp_mannbase_b19a
  • 9. cp_cardinal_rc1a
  • 10. cp_kalinka_rc6a

We will be hoping to get some extra feedback on whatever map are played in these slots.

Major Invite Changes

  • Invite has bumped their team limit from 8 to 9 teams, with the possible maximum of 10, should teams qualify.
  • Invite will have their playoffs completed in a single online weekend in a LAN tournament style. The confirmed dates for this weekend will be April 9th - April 10th. These dates are subject to change in the future.

Invite Qualifiers

  • Qualifiers will begin on January 18th to January 28th.
  • Qualifiers will start earlier due to the amount of teams entering qualifiers. We would like to give everybody the most amount of time as possible so they can complete their matches.
  • Matches are played as two maps. Each map will be played in full (2 halfs for 5cp, 2 or 3 halfs for koth).
  • All ringers that are not on a roster will be required to get approval by the enemy team, and either virgil (virgil#5087) or reno (reno#0019).
  • Golden caps, if needed, will be played with mp_timelimit 10. If neither team has taken the round when time runs out, the team that owns mid will take the map.
  • Teams in qualifiers will earn 1 point per map taken. The top two teams with the most points will qualify into invite. If needed, ties will be broken based on head to head and then (rounds taken)/(rounds played).
  • Should a team die early enough in the season, the next in line qualifier team will take their spot.

Staff Changes

Your division admin and moderator will serve as the primary points of contact for your division. For issues during matches you may find quicker support through a ticket in Discord, as admins not playing matches will be able to respond there.

This season, we would like to welcome two new faces to the staff! Spazz and carrot will be our next mods for Main and AM.

Below is the final staff list for Season 8:

Admin: virgil (virgil#6969)
Moderator: Scream (Scream#4249)

Admin: je'mond (je'mond#0007)
Moderator: dave2 (deathsnail39#6731)

Admin: nyna (nyna#4564)
Moderator: Spazz (Spazz#9847)

Admin: Fluey (fluey#0001)
Moderator: Fleskore (Fleskore#0160)

Admin: camp3r (camp3r#0001)
Moderator: carrot (ang#2684)

Admin: Kitty (Kitty™#5889)
Moderator: Fleskore (Fleskore#0160)

Survey Feedback

  • These questions were to determine if we wanted to change the default time for all divisions. This was tested because of private feedback given throughout the season. Based on all the answers, there will be no changes to either default time.

  • cp_reckoner_rc6 was the new map introduced in season 7. Overall, it seems the ratings on the map are completely mixed around all corners of the board. We will continue to test Reckoner in the future map rotation.

  • The topic of sandbagging is a longer discussion. As seen by the survey, it does look like there is almost a complete split down the middle. Now, of course this is just the general feedback from all divisions, but it should be noted that even splitting the results by division, there is still a pretty heavy split.

  • We do aim to make our restrictions as fair as possible, and have been in the process of updating our ruleset to accommodate more people.


  • We are always looking for more opportunities to improve how we handle our sandbagging rules. While we wish we could be more lenient, we at the end of the day have to place and handle sandbagging for the better of the entire division.

  • Players are always recommended to ask their division admin, or make a ticket in the discord if they wish to contest their restrictions. If you feel we have made a mistake, please reach out and we will always listen and try to work to find a middle ground.

  • Polled in the season 5 survey, and introduced in the Season 6 announcement, the koth rotation was implemented to give more time to other koth maps.

  • Keeping in mind that season 8 will complete a full rotation, we received a lot of mixed feedback in regards to Product being rotated out in Season 7. After season 8, the koth rotation will be polled once more to see if people are still in favor of it. The current schedule for the rotation will go as following:

    Season 7 - bagel, clearcut
    Season 8 - product, clearcut
    Season 9 - product, bagel
    Season 10 - clearcut, bagel
    Season 11 - clearcut, product

  • We put out the survey for the market gardener a little later to gauge the publics general opinion on the weapon. As seen by the results, we can see it is another split in opinions. This survey has given us a lot of good feedback on how we should proceed, and will be re-polled after season 8.

Final Reminders

As a reminder to all teams, please make sure your players are paid up and your roster is ready before January 30th.

As the staff list for the upcoming season will continue to shift, the best way to get in touch with us regarding any questions you have is to make a support ticket in the official discord. Don’t hesitate to reach out should you need anything clarified or fixed.

To be scheduled, your team must have at least six players rostered, be marked as “Ready” and have division fees paid as necessary by January 30th, 11:59EST. Please reach out to us ASAP if you have any issues doing this.

Best of luck!