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RGL LAN Update #2 - Patriot Place

   exa   - 11/22/2021
Past articles: RGL LAN Update #1 (7/5/2021)

In this article, we would like to start discussing and communicating an early roadmap to the community for resuming RGL LAN. It should be noted that we have been in ongoing communication with Helix Esports, who is just as eager as we are to host our event, and we still hold our initial deposit. Here are important developments that we would like to share:

  • New Venue - Helix Esports Patriot Place

Working with Helix Esports, we have plans to switch to a different venue from the original North Bergen, New Jersey location. The Patriot Place location is located in Foxborough, Massachusetts. Important considerations for making this change included the additions of the main stage, access to any rental computers for teams and staff (rental fees will be covered), streaming equipment/setup, stage setup, and bleachers for spectators. While the cost of the new location is more expensive than the previous location, we have plans to offset the costs through revenue splits with the venue, RGL merch sales, and small league LAN sustainability fees (we will provide updates on this in a future article). Lastly, the new location is also in a more friendly location with many stores and activities to do around the venue.

  • RGL LAN for Invite 6s Playoffs in 2022

We do not yet have an exact date of this event, but after the Invite team leader meeting where we discussed a timeline that would be the most appropriate for this, leaders were strongly in favor of the LAN being scheduled during the summer of 2022. As such, we will aim to have the event held during the summer, as it would not conflict with school and other LAN events that players may have during the spring.