Announcing the RGL No Restriction 6s Summer One Day Cup

   gobitoe   - 7/28/2021

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SFM by RedPanda
Editing by RaosCometh had introduced the No Restriction 6s format 2 years ago, which featured a varied map pool and as the title suggests, no bans or restrictions on classes. The aim of it was to offer a more fast-paced experience, closer to what you would get through valve matchmaking. With that idea in mind, it would make it easier for newer players to adapt to competitive.

This tournament will pick up where NR 6s left off, but with some key changes to the map pool, which are aimed at improving the quality of the game mode, as well as making it more accessible to everyone. These changes are explained more in depth below.

With this cup will be included a post-cup survey, where input will be taken, and could be taken into consideration for future seasons of Traditional 6s / No Restriction 6s.

Below you will find more specific information about the tournament, as well as a guide which was put together by in collaboration with invite players.


Saturday, August 21st 2021
Sign-ups close

Thursday, August 26th 2021
Roster deadline

Saturday, August 28th 2021
Round 1 4:00 pm EST - koth_clearcut_b15d
Round 2 5:00 pm EST - cp_snakewater_final1
Round 3 6:00 pm EST - cp_sunshine
Round 4 7:00 pm EST - pl_vigil_rc7

Playoffs - Best of 3 maps (Single-elim for all divisions)
Round 1 8:00 pm EST
Round 2 10:00 pm EST

Structure & Ruleset

  • 5CP Maps will be played first to 5 wins, one half."rgl_nr6s_5cp_scrim"
  • KotH will be played first to 3 round, one half. "rgl_nr6s_koth_bo5"
  • Payload will be played as a Best of 1. "rgl_nr6s_stopwatch"

Playoffs will be played using this ruleset:
  • 5 CP: First to 5 rounds, two halves. "rgl_nr6s_5cp_match_half 1" and "rgl_nr6s_5cp_match_half 2"
  • Koth: First to 4 rounds, two halves. "rgl_nr6s_koth"
  • Payload: Best of 1. "rgl_nr6s_stopwatch"

On day one, all teams will play 4 matches. All divisions will feature single-elimination playoffs. The amount of teams in playoffs will be 4.


All configs are available on serveme and qixalite, under the "rgl_nr6s" alias.

If you are using your own server, you may download them from here:

Playoffs (Pick/Ban) Best of 3 maps.

Map pool for Pick/Ban:
  • cp_snakewater_final1
  • cp_gullywash_final1
  • cp_metalworks
  • cp_sunshine
  • cp_process_f7
  • koth_clearcut_b15d
  • koth_product_rcx
  • pl_vigil_rc7


The cup will follow a division structure, such as a normal season of RGL Traditional Sixes. This means that there will be at least 6 divisions: Invite, Advanced, Main, Intermediate, Amateur, and Newcomer. Divisions might be adjusted based on the amount of signups.

Pick/ban format (automated system through the site):

Home bans a map
Away bans a map
Home picks a map
Away picks a map
Home bans a map
Away bans a map
Home picks a map Q&A / Tips & Tricks on offclassing in 6v6

How do I deal with…

Multiple Medics?

Remember that when a team runs multiple Medics they will have to sacrifice a combat class in order to do so. Somewhere on the map you should be able to find a place to overwhelm them with more combat classes, possibly on a “flank” route. In general doors won’t be as heavily pressured, so you should be able to find more openings. If the enemy Medics are overlapping heals, they will also build Uber slower.

Multiple Demomen?

Remember that when a team runs multiple Demomen they will have to sacrifice another combat class in order to do so. Demoman may excel at holding doorways, but he struggles to initiate, distract, or clean up kills. You can often overwhelm a Demoman by getting in close range, even more so when they have fewer non-Demomen to defend them. In extreme Demomen stacks, a Vaccinator Medic using explosive resistance may render them relatively useless, and encourage them to diversify their damage types.

Multiple Engineers?

Remember that when a team runs multiple Engineers they will have to sacrifice other combat classes in order to do so. Beyond the standard focus fire on sentry gun, running pick classes like Spy and Sniper can be an effective way to pick off the Engineers themselves. Sentries generally won’t cover choke points very aggressively, so you will have plenty of space to peek and look for openings. Strong counters to buildings like Direct Hit, Loch n Load, and building multiple Ubers shouldn’t be overlooked either.

What if they are stacking another class?

All class stacks require a sacrifice somewhere, so try to exploit the weaknesses of the enemy team composition. If an enemy team is ever investing a majority of their class composition into one damage type (bullet, fire, explosive), the Vaccinator can always be an option to discourage that.

How do you counter the Vaccinator?

The Vaccinator will be very strong against teams that only have one or two damage types (fire, explosive, bullet), so introducing the third damage type can help to ensure that damage is always flowing. In general, as long as two separate damage types are focusing firing at a Vaccinator, especially during an Uber push, you will have a good chance at taking them down. Classes that can mix damage types (shotgun Soldier or Pyro) are especially strong in this regard. Remember that the Vaccinator heals very slowly, so anyone on flanks far away from the enemy Medic is likely going to be unhealthy and vulnerable to being rushed and focused down.

How do you counter Snipers?

Snipers will struggle to keep up with high mobility classes, and so you can often overwhelm them with aggression. Many classes also have utility that will allow them to easily survive against Snipers (Vaccinator/Ubercharge Medic, Battalion's Backup Soldier, Fists of Steel Heavy, Bonk Scout, and pretty much any Spy loadout). Map knowledge of Sniper sightlines and careful positioning will help you survive.