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6v6 Staff Changes and Future Goals

   exa   - 7/7/2021
From a league perspective, the volunteer administrators that make up the league are here because they are driven and want to help spend their time to help deliver a platform that many players can enjoy. A major component of being an admin includes making decisions on a day-to-day basis, whether that includes resolving ringer disputes, forfeits, reschedules, etc. As such, there are a large number of decisions being made frequently, and there are bound to be decisions that may not be correct. The fundamental part of these mistakes is understanding what led to that conclusion and making sure that this does not happen again. Building public trust will always be a continuous work of progress because there will always be an area that the league can improve in -- in some capacity. There are simply no excuses for the frequency of some of these mistakes, and we all realize it. That being said, it does not mean anything if we “realize” it, but no meaningful actions come from it.

Along with Makkabeus Rex stepping down from their position as the 6v6 Head Admin, as well as RGL refreshing its 6s staff team for next season, we will also be shifting the top priority of the admin team from where it has been (on improving the quality of Invite team numbers and the Invite/Advanced divide, and on moving towards more comprehensive conduct discipline through warnings and better procedures) to focus on fixing our internal admin procedures and training.


  • virgil will be brought on as staff in training to take over as an Invite Admin for Sixes Season 7
  • min-ji has been promoted to Invite Admin for Sixes Season 6
  • ire has been moved to Invite moderator for Sixes Season 6. They will be tasked with admining a non-Invite division in Sixes Season 7.


  • reno will be promoted to Sixes Head Admin
  • virgil will be brought in to admin Invite for Sixes Season 7.

NOTE: Players participating in their division are not eligible to administrate their division. Dependent on this, we may have to be flexible and move a different admin to Invite.

Some of the admin procedures and training we are working on fixing:

  • Improving and expanding internal documentation about admin procedures on our recently added Trello boards (best practices for handling ringer disputes, match forfeits, etc.)
  • Improving onboarding process of new admins (using more cups as a way to help train new staff, have more documentation for recruits to understand the best practices and procedures, etc.)
  • Clarifying more areas of the global rules to reduce ambiguity and address edge cases
  • Requiring a stricter review process that leads to further review and clarification, as well as requiring greenlight from multiple Head Admins before certain major penalties are issued (e.g. throwing)

Revising and improving admin procedures, improving relations, and building trust with the community ultimately takes time. Focusing more on this is our next step with the 6v6 format. While saying that we will do something may not mean much, we want to prove it through results, so only by having the results speak for themselves can we improve and hold ourselves to a higher standard.