6s Exp Cup #2 Updates & Reminders

   ire   - 5/12/2021
Registrations for the Exp Cup are very nearly closed! With this here are some reminders and info for people planning to participate.

New Map Versions

Mannbase, WorkFlow, and Mist have all received updates in response to feedback in the lead-up to the event. Below are the correct version numbers, and links to downloads/changelogs:

Divisions & Schedule

As opposed to the usual season structure, teams in the Exp Cup will be grouped into more, smaller divisions. Placements will begin as soon as signups close, and will be finalized by May 14th. Please ensure you have 6 players rostered, and your team is marked as “Ready” by May 13th at 23:59 ET

Group stages matches are played as two maps. The scrim config should be used (rgl_6s_5cp_scrim). Ties are accepted during the group stages, so golden caps will not be played.

The playoffs bracket on day 2 will be played as a single elimination bracket (except for Div-1, see Div-1 Format & Details). Golden caps will be played with mp_timelimit 10, where the holder of mid will win if 10 minutes elapses without a round victory.

Schedule (Times in ET)

Day 1 - Swiss Groups:

18:00 - Round 1 (cp_mannbase_b19 & cp_WorkFlow_b10)
19:10 - Round 2 (cp_WorkFlow_b10 & cp_mist_rc1e-compressed)
20:20 - Round 3 (cp_mist_rc1e-compressed & cp_craneway_b19)
21:30 - Round 4 (cp_craneway_b19 & cp_mannbase_b19)

Day 2 - Bracket

18:00 - Round of 8 (cp_craneway_b19)
18:45 - Semifinals (cp_mannbase_b19)
19:30 - GF & 3rd place (Bo3 pick/ban)

Div-1 Format & Details

Due to the lower number of Invite level teams in the cup, the top division will run a slightly different format. Day 1’s groups will be run as a round robin instead of swiss (retaining the same map order). Day 2’s playoffs will be a four team double-elim bracket.

Div-1 Day 2 Times:

18:00 - Round 1 (cp_craneway_b19)
18:45 - LBR1 & UBF (cp_mannbase_b19)
20:00 - LBF (cp_mist_rc1e-compressed)
20:45 - GF (Bo3 pick/ban)

Don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any questions. GLHF!