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Announcing Sixes Season 6!

   ire   - 4/27/2021

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Register Now For Season 6

Registration for RGL 6s Season 6 is now open, and will run through May 10th (May 6th for prospective Invite teams). Provisional team placements will begin on May 11th and will be finalized by the 15th. Any team looking to contest their initial placement should open a ticket in the RGL Discord. As with last season, Invite will have 10 teams, should it be necessary this may take precedence over a team’s preferred division.

The full season dates are as follows:

UPDATE: The payment deadline has been adjusted. Teams should have 5 paid up by the 16th at 11:59 PM ET. If this is not possible please open a support ticket. All 6 must be paid by 1st match.

  • May 6th- Invite team registration deadline
  • May 10th- General team registration closes, Invite qualifiers begin (if needed)
  • May 14th- Last day for Invite qualifiers (if needed)
  • May 15th- All division placements finalized, week 1 matches scheduled, division fees due (extension will be granted for qualifier teams)
  • May 17th- Start of regular season
  • June 27th- Rosters lock
  • July 11th- Last day for regular season matches (excluding Invite)
  • July 18th- Last day for Invite regular season matches
  • August 15th Last day for playoffs matches

Join Our Team!

Staff applications are open, including 6s division admin and moderator positions. Become a part of North America’s largest TF2 league and help us continue to build the future of TF2. View the application here.

Map Pool & Preseason Cup

KoTH Rotation

In the postseason survey, 63% of people were for a seasonal map rotation. We will be introducing this as a rotation of the three active KoTH maps. Season 6 will have koth_bagel_rc3 and koth_product_rcx in the main pool. Season 7 will have koth_bagel_rc3 and koth_clearcut_b15d, and so on. All three maps will remain in pick/ban division map pools to maintain the 9 map count.

Preseason Cup

Season 6 will see the removal of Villa from our pool. To fill this hole, we are running a preseason map cup. The results from this cup will be the primary factor of what map is added to the pool, so we encourage as many teams as possible to play.

View Cup Details

Config Changes

Based on post-season survey results, mp_bonusroundtime will be changed to 10.

You can download our updated cfgs here.

Additional Info for Invite Teams

All teams intending to compete in Invite must have their team page created and starting roster confirmed by May 6th. Additionally, any roster intending to compete in the division must reach out to an admin to confirm their intent. This includes playing in a qualifier if needed, which will run from May 10th to 14th, with exact details to be confirmed depending on signups. At least one representative from each team should be inside the RGL Discord, as this will be the primary point of contact, and used throughout the season.

The regular season for Invite will span 9 weeks to allow for cleaner scheduling of the 10 team round-robin, replacing last season’s floating matches.

Finding a team to join

Finding a team is not hard, but it does require you to put in a little effort.

New players to competitive

We encourage you to post in the #looking-for-team-6s channel of our Discord. You should also contact team leaders posting in #looking-for-player-6s.

NA Newbie Mixes is also running their annual team drive, which will pair new players with an experienced coach to guide their team through the season. Check it out here.

Experienced Players to Competitive

Experienced players may be better served by our forums’ LFT section. Leaders will also post in the LFP subforum.