6s Preseason Map Cup #2 Details

   ire   - 4/27/2021

Sign Up for the Cup

Important dates:

  • May 13th- Registration deadline
  • May 15th- Group stage
  • May 16th- Playoffs
  • May 17th- Last day for poll

All teams will play the group stage and at least one round of playoffs.

Teams must have at least 6 players rostered, and be marked as ready by May 13th 23:59 EST to be scheduled.

Who can register
Registration is open to all skill levels. Teams will register into admin placement and be grouped into appropriate divisions.

What maps are being played

Matches will be played using the scrim config (rgl_6s_5cp_scrim). Golden caps will be played with a timelimit of 10 minutes, with the holder of the mid point winning if last has not been captured by that point.

How will the cup be played
Teams will be placed into divisions of between 4 and 8 teams. Day one will be a group stage which will seed day two’s bracket. Exact group format will be announced closer to the cup, and may change based on signups, but teams can expect to play 3-4 matches starting at 6pm EST on day one.

Qixalite and serveme.tf servers will have the needed maps and configs. Teams using their own servers must ensure that they have the correct versions of maps and configs.