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New RGL Format, RGL Medals, 2021 March Bans, & More

   exa   - 4/1/2021

Banner by Frazzanator & Raos

With the announcement of FACEIT 12v12, this has seen considerable success with providing players a different avenue to play casual TF2. This is an area that the RGL team wants to venture into and we want to announce our plans for a 12v12 format to make our service enjoyable for everyone.

This will serve as a temporary replacement for our 6v6 and Highlander formats. All current staff will be reassigned to the new 12v12 format.

Important Details

  • Registration: April 20th – May 31st
  • Placement of Teams: June 2nd
  • Regular Season: June 7th – August 9th
  • Roster Locks: August 2nd
  • Playoffs: August 16th – August 30th

Map Pool

  • pl_upward
  • pl_badwater
  • pl_pier
  • pl_borneo
  • pl_barnblitz
  • cp_dustbowl
  • koth_harvest_final
  • cp_sunshine
  • koth_nucleus
  • ctf_turbine


RGL will use an open whitelist with no banned weapons for this format, which can be downloaded here.

New Division Names

To help standardize competitive TF2 in preparation for international LANs post-COVID, we've renamed our divisions to match the global standard. This will also be reflected in all other RGL formats.

Premiership <-- Div-1 <-- Advanced <-- Mid <--Intermediate <-- Open <-- Iron.

New Medals

Below is an early preview of the new medal design featuring sigafoo that we will be using for the RGL formats going forward.


In true casual TF2 fashion, we will not be offering support or respond to questions that may arise. Concerns should be instead directed to Valve. Faxing may yield quicker results.


After Daffodil departed RGL staff as the 6s head administrator, Makkabeus Rex had stepped in as the replacement admin.

However, in recent news, it was found that Daffodil left the admin team without any permission and are now being kept in custody in sigafoo's basement. They will also receive a 3-year ban.

It should be noted that Makkabeus Rex has not been seen in 3-days. All he left was a note saying "FINALLY". Further investigations revealed that Makkabeus Rex was not declared as a ringer in match comms. The RGL team will continue to further investigate into their whereabouts and if a temporary replacement can be found for the remainder of Sixes Season 5.