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Recent Events: 6s Invite Qualifers

   exa   - 2/1/2021
In regards to the recent events with the Invite 6s Qualifiers, there were many issues that led to the tournament not being organized to the degree that we would have liked. First and foremost, the qualifiers being scheduled close to the first week of the season led teams to have to make last-minute plans. There was also no clear date from the beginning of the season announcement of when such a qualifier would be organized. This aspect caught teams off-guard that did not realize that they would have to participate in qualifiers, further compounding issues with decisions having to be made at the last moment. We are fully aware of all the issues leading up to the event, have seen and read all the feedback that players have, and understood that it should have been handled much better than it should have.

Leading up to last weekend, there was an internal meeting held by the 6s division admins to examine what could have been done better and how to handle it for Season 6. The following will be done:

  • There will be a deadline, a week earlier before the season start, of when teams can signup and are considered for Invite
  • Placements of teams for Invite will also be done a week earlier before the season starts
  • This would coincide with any possible qualifiers being organized earlier in advance (with a clear deadline) to give teams ample time to prepare for the matches

As a note, due to the inconveniences that the teams experienced due to the qualifiers, the cost of payment for the starting six players on each team have been fully refunded. This will be covered by sigafoo and will be added back towards the prize pool. It must be noted that this is a one-time action and will not be occurring again.

Constantly listening to player feedback and making the league better continues to be a core principle of RGL. This is why we strive for postseason surveys at the end of seasons for our major formats (6v6 and Highlander), read through feedback on our Discords, forums, and more. These act as a guide for how we make decisions. While we may not always make the correct decision on every situation or case that arises, we want to take those mistakes and make meaningful changes both internally and publicly, so that they are not repeated in the future.

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