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Season 5 Map Order, Admin List, and Division Placements

   Makkabeus Rex   - 1/18/2021

Season 5 Map Order

As we change up our division structure, we must similarly change up our map list. Season 5 of RGL Traditional 6s will use the same maps, and the current versions of custom maps will be placed on the site itself. The only major change to the map list will be changing cp_process_final to cp_process_f7. Survey results indicated that players were strongly in favor of using the Refresh version of Process.

The map order will be as follows:
1. cp_snakewater_final
2. cp_villa_b18
3. cp_metalworks
4. koth_product_rcx
5. cp_sunshine
6. cp_gullywash_final1
7. koth_clearcut_b15d
8. cp_process_f7

koth_bagel will again be Invite’s 9th map for the pick-ban format.

Division Administrators and Moderators

As with some seasons, we see departures from our volunteers as they move on to bigger and greater things. A huge thanks to Fordo, patricK, and mopsy for their time and service. For this season, here is our current roster of admins:

  • Invite
  • Administrator – ire
    Moderator – asianbobagirl
  • Advanced
  • Administrator – je’mond
    Moderator – fleskore
  • Main
  • Administrator – Dubthink
    Moderator – asianbobagirl
  • Intermediate (IM)
  • Administrator – ZoomxZe
    Moderator – fleskore
  • Amateur (AM)
  • Administrator – Denka
    Moderator – Crasian
  • Newcomer
  • Administrator – Zan
    Moderator – Crasian

Final Reminders

As a reminder to all teams, please make sure your players are paid up and your roster is ready before January 24.

If you have any questions about where your team has been placed, please put in a ticket on the official discord in the #support channel using the :sixes_support: emote reaction.