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RGL Highlander Season 8 Changes: Map Pool, Whitelist Changes, Staff List

   Micahlele   - 1/16/2021
New Team Registration Ends: January 25th
Qualifiers: January 30-31st
Invite Fees Due: February 1st (Time extension is given for qualifier teams.)
Regular Season Start: February 1st
Roster Locks: March 8th
Playoffs: March 22nd - April 19th* (3-Weeks) * Invite/Adv might have GF an extra week if double-elimination is run.

With no further delay, let’s get right into what everyone wants to hear.

Whitelist Changes

The Scorch Shot is now banned

Results filtered to Advanced and Invite only.

The Darwin’s Danger Shield is now banned

Results filtered to Advanced and Invite only.

The whitelist should be updated for your scrims tonight

Map Pool


What’s new with koth_lakeside_r?

- Fixed prop on ruins (both sides have the same hitbox now)
- Fixed multiple hitboxes (Pillars on the bathhouse, stairs to point)
- Removed the sun that was giving 1 team a clear advantage
- Merged all the small ammo packs into a medium pack instead
- Better respawn cabinets (Closer to the door, for those without resupply binds)

What’s new with koth_ashville_rc2c?

- Teleporter jumping onto roof is now impossible
- Blockbullets is now completely covering the stairs, as you could glitch them through the edging
- The grates on batts to see under no longer allow stickies to awkwardly roll
- Stickies no longer bounce off of the fence on batts

The Map Order will be released closer to the season start date.

Staff List

Invite Admin: asher
Challenger Admin: JohhnyFromCali
Advanced Admin: tua
Main Admin: Rebel
Intermediate Admin: WiLLmaTiC
Amateur Admin: Powerpuker
Newcomer Admin: Constantly

Invite Mod: Micahlele
Challenger Mod: Charizard
Advanced Mod: Joey Lemons
Main Mod: Inquisition
Intermediate Mod: Lasky
Amateur Mod: Klowwd
Newcomer Mod: djinnseng

The #information channel in our Discord is updated to reflect the staff list.


Qualifier teams will be notified if they are in qualifiers once registration closes. This is to make sure no teams form last minute.

Invite Prize Money Distribution

1st will receive $508
2nd will receive $342
3rd will receive $150