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Day 1 - Update on RGL PUGs

   exa   - 12/22/2022
In RGL PUGs: Technical Alpha (12/19/2020), we announced details about the progress of a pickup game site under the RGL.gg umbrella. An independent group offered to work on this for us; however, the development has been arduous and long. We also understand that communication regarding the status of the project did not happen, and the community was ultimately left wondering where the project was.

Despite these setbacks, RGL still wants to release a PUG site under its umbrella and provide a service to the community that it initially announced back in 2020. This is why we are opting to bring a new option to the table under RGL PUGs, worked on by RGL’s existing and new developers and staff. As RGL is under new management with Taylor, we are excited to share more news about the project as soon as we can. For now, we would like to share the following details:

  • RGL will be switching to a new development team for the PUG site with DolphiN as a developer head and with exa and arcadia helping out with project management.
  • Progress on this site has already been going underway for the past several months, and we plan to provide full communication regarding the status of the project regularly (will be included in the monthly RGL articles).


Q: What does this mean for the "old" PUG site announced back in 2020?:
A: The old PUG site will still be in development with Nicell as a developer and b4nny staying as the project manager. This means the site will no longer be under the RGL umbrella. The original project is still being worked on, and similarly to other PUG platforms, RGL will feature them once it is completed.

Q: Why is RGL making a new PUG site instead of working on the already existing PUG site infrastructure that was announced in 2020?
A: RGL wants to offer the community the best experience we can, and we are dedicating resources to improving our existing PUG experience. However, we are open to working with other PUG services as partners as well. We will post major developer milestones on our RGL socials, such as our Twitter.

Q: How is this new PUG site going to be different from the old PUG site?
A: RGL has onboarded a new development team with several developers that will be actively working on the site. We will provide regular communication to the community about updates to the project and tests that we plan to run. As this PUG site is under the RGL platform, everything will be deeply integrated with the existing RGL platforms (e.g. the RGL site and Discord) and will utilize the RGL API and database (to utilize data regarding a player's RGL team history, division, bans, and more). Importantly, this cross-platform integration will allow for stats to be on RGL profiles and more.

Q: What is the timeline for this?
A: Public alpha for players to play on by Q1 2023.

Q: Can we see what the early alpha build looks like?

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