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RGL Highlander Season 6 All Stars Winners!

   Micahlele   - 9/27/2020
RGL Highlander Season 6 All Star Winners


58 (23%) - syath
68 (27%) - triiiple
128 (50%) - sandblast

sandblast is fantastic at many things, and this season he mastered 2 of them: calling ubers to walk into the enemy team and shooting the enemy team to the point where he wins the videogame. Easily the strongest member of squirtyay (not to mention being a placement RGL-Invite 6s and ESEA Invite playoffs scout), his aggressive playstyle brought them massive success on koth maps, but was still a strong force on payload, helping edge out wins against Impostors Week 3 and OWL Week 5.


134 (55%) - AmandaPanda45WOOT
51 (21%) - Catalyst
57 (24%) - p3nguin

If you main medic and ever wake up in a cold sweat at night, it’s because AmandaPanda was thinking about bombing you so his medic could have uber ad. Previously known as JJslim, he’s been a strong soldier since before RGL HL started. His sacs this season were uncontested. Bomb after bomb after bomb he dropped medics and unleashed metric tons of damage onto his enemies. MCM felt the pain of his bombs during Grand Finals on ashville, topfragging the server with eight medic kills and thirteen sniper kills.


84 (35%) - Billysaurus
89 (37%) - Marty
65 (27%) - Melon

Marty, like his teammate watterson, has an incredible ability to not get shot at when he just walks across the point to collect a free kill like he’s passing “Go!” in Monopoly. That’s not to say he’s a WM1 lord, because his ability to spam The Scorch Shot left snipers running the darwin’s danger shield permanently.


111 (45%) - Jarrett
49 (20%) - rj
22 (9%) - kjr
19 (8%) - giraffe
44 (18%) Flare

Jarrett as a demoman does it all. He has the gamesense, maincalling, damage, and sportsmanship to earn himself a spot among the greats. Medics drop uber in a fraction of a second with the deadly sticky pipe combo Jarrett dishes out. Even though Jarrett wasn’t Krusty Krab’s demo for the entire season, his skills definitely helped them get through an extremely close match with OWL Week 7, and through all of playoffs.


85 (36%) - Kresnik
59 (25%) - sand
94 (39%) - zuchima

zuchima has been a prominent player in the Invite scene for a long time, bouncing between classes like heavy and pyro. This season, his heavy was a key force driving the #mcm hype train. You may think, “How can zuchima be stopped?” His only weakness: a concrete sniper. Take note, sniper mains.


125 (52%) exa_
117 (48%) Aaron

What a nailbiter of a category this was to watch from behind the scenes. By just 8 votes, exa_ took the lead. exa_ has always been one of the strongest engies playing, even since season 2 of RGL Highlander. His wrangled sentries on payload are almost unkillable without proper coordination and communication


68 (29%) - blake
88 (37%) - Rogue
62 (26%) - DZCreeper
19 (8%) - ZoomxZe

Rogue is one of the nicest and knowledgeable players currently playing. His medic positioning is top notch, his internal spy timer is precise to the millisecond, and his heals can keep his team alive through even the most brutal of midfights. Even when his team is making his HPM look great, he knows when to pull them out to get healthy again.


60 (25%) - Fallen Gourd
113 (47%) - watterson
28 (12%) - percy
39 (16%) - Michaelpc1

watterson’s ability to make space and take aggressive shots is unparalleled in Invite. It’s a miracle that people don’t punish his aggressiveness. Other snipers can attempt this and feed, but watterson makes it work. His playstyle may make him seem like an aggressive aim lord, but he has a wealthy pool of experience and gamesense to help him succeed. He has also uploaded his entire POV with comms from the RGL HL S6 Invite Grand Finals. If you’re interested, you can watch it here


161 (68%) - evil
52 (22%) - Micahlele
23 (10%) - Zero

evil was an unstoppable force throughout the season. A mechanical savant with both knife and revolver, enemy teams could not possibly prepare for every trick in evil’s book. His revolver aim left snipers and DM classes alike quivering in their boots while his knife play had pyros spamming airblast trying to not get trickstabbed. With so many fantastic plays during Grand Finals, evil left casting parties screaming "THE EVIL SHPEE” and “OH HE’S SO EVIL.”

Invite Debut

78 (34%) - reigh
82 (35%) - jel
71 (31%) - page

Considering this was jel’s first season in Invite, I’d say 3rd place is a pretty damn good way to start. Some might say he’s built different, but I’d say jel’s just a fantastic soldier who found himself a fantastic flank partner in sandblast to play out the season with.

Player of the Season

60 (25%) - Jarrett
52 (22%) - evil
57 (24%) - AmandaPanda45WOOT
29 (12%) - Fallen Gourd
38 (16%) - triiiple

What more can I say about Jarett that I didn’t say already when he won All Star Demoman? He can literally do everything your team needs him to do, and then he’ll do even more.