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Season 4 Division Fees and Staff Additions

   Makkabeus Rex   - 9/20/2020
With the season nearly upon us, It is time to finalize some details. Division fees will be the same as last season. This means that Div-2 teams will pay the Main fee to be able to play in the division, Div-1 will use the Adv fee.

For more info on the exact amount for the fees, refer to here.

The deadline for payments is September 20th (or tonight) so make sure to have at least 5 players on your roster paid up before then! If your team does not have at least 5, it will be considered a dead team and not eligible to compete in the season. The 6th player can be paid up later, but any players competing in a match must be paid up.

We have also added new staff to our 6s team! Please give a warm welcome to our new staff members, who will be filling division admin/moderator positions:

Happy fragging!