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RGL HL S7: Staff Changes, Final Map, Prizepool - (Part 3, Powered by mannco.store)

   Micahlele   - 9/13/2020
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Staff Changes

For this upcoming Highlander Season, our staff list has undergone some slight changes. As mentioned in the part 1 article, exa_ has taken a step back from highlander, leaving Micahlele in his place. Filling in for Micahlele as the Main Admin will be Inquisition, who was the Main Moderator during Season 6. JohnnyFromCali has been moved from Advanced Moderator to Main Moderator as Johnny plans to play in Advanced this season. We welcome a new addition to staff with Charizard, and he will be replacing Johnny as the Advanced Moderator. As it stands, this is our current staff list for Season 7.

Head Admin - Micahlele

Invite - asher
Advanced - SpaceGhostsCoffee
Main - Inquisition
Intermediate - WiLLmaTiC
Amateur - Powerpuker
Newcomer - Constantly

Invite - N/A
Advanced - Charizard
Main - JohnnyFromCali
Intermediate - Lasky
Amateur - Klowwd
Newcomer - Nerdaloid

Final Map

The Highlander Season 7 Final Map survey recently closed. Here are the results.

With a majority opting to remove Lakeside, we will be following through with our plan to remove it.

With Lakeside being removed, Cascade (rc1a) will be taking its place. If you need to download rc1a, you can do so by clicking here

For the future, if we do play lakeside, we will be using koth_lakeside_r.

The map order will be released 1 week before the start of the season.

Prize pool

For Season 7 of Highlander, we have once again partnered with mannco.store for a sponsorship of $500. The Prize pool Calculations for Invite will be as follows

1st $516 + $167 mannco.store credit
2nd $350 + $167 mannco.store credit
3rd $158 + $167 mannco.store credit

If you do not want to spend your money on mannco.store, the money is eligible to be cashed out through paypal.

Team Placements and Division Structure

As a reminder to all teams. If you feel we made a mistake with your teams placement, please feel free to message your division admin to appeal it.

Even though Advanced is running a Swiss format this season, we are being strict with who we allow to play in advanced.