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RGL HL S7: Division Structure, Confirmed Map Pool, All Stars (Part 2, Powered by Mannco.store)

   Micahlele   - 9/9/2020

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Important Dates

New Team Registration Ends: September 22nd
(Invite registration ends September 15th)
Placement of Teams, week 1 matches scheduled: September 24th
Invite Fees Due : September 28th
Regular Season: September 28th - November 9th (7-Weeks)
Roster Locks: November 2nd
Playoffs: November 16th - November 30th* (3-Weeks) * Invite/Adv might have GF an extra week if double-elimination is ran.

Confirmed Map Pool

In the past, RGL has avoided repeating the exact same map pool in consecutive seasons. However, results of polls on the map pool this season show that the maps played last season have the highest approval. We suspect, however, that many players would prefer some variety, and would prefer to replace at least one map.

Of all the maps from last season, Lakeside polled the lowest, and was in very close contention with other koth maps, making it a candidate for replacement.

Should we remove Lakeside in favor of variation?

Assuming we do replace Lakeside, which koth map would you prefer instead?
Let us know by taking the survey here. This survey is also linked in a live notification on the rgl site. You must have been rostered on an RGL Highlander team during Season 6 to take the survey.

Division Structure

Invite will be following an 8 Team Round Robin Structure
Advanced will be following a 10-12 Team Swiss Structure
Main, Intermediate, Amateur, and Newcomer will all be following a 16-20 Team Swiss Structure

There will be No Qualifiers for this season of Highlander.

All Stars

Vote Now

Here are all the nominations for the Invite All Stars. Invite leaders were asked to choose 2 players to nominate for each category. The 3 players (or more in the case of a tie at the bottom) with the most nominations will be able to be voted for. You must use a registered RGL account and have been rostered on a team during Season 6 to be eligible to vote.

- syath, triiiple, sandblast
- AmandaPanda45WOOT, Catalyst, p3nguin
- Billysaurus, Marty, Melon
- Jarrett, rj, kjr, giraffe, Flare
- Kresnik, sank, zuchima
- exa_, Aaron
- blake, Rogue, Zoomxze, DZCreeper
- Fallen Gourd, watterson, percy, Michaelpc1
- evil, Micahlele, Zero
Invite Player Debut - reigh, jel, page
Player of the Season - Jarrett, evil, AmandaPanda45Woot, Fallen Gourd, triiiple